Dahlak Marine National Park

This national park is located within the Red Sea border of Eriteria in the Dahlak Arhipealgo. The park is actually surrounded by waters. This beautiful region is located in the war torn regions of Ethiopia and Eritrea making it a rich eco-system undisturbed by nature. There are an estimated 300 species of fish in the water and very beautiful sights for scuba diving on the shipwreck.

Attractions in Dahlak Archipelago

Only four islands are inhabited, with a total population of just 2,500, who still maintain their traditional lifestyle of fishing and herding goats and camels. The isolated and uninhabited Dahlak Islands, and the rich feeding grounds which surround them, attract large numbers of nesting sea birds from all over the red sea. Charter yachts are available for hire in Massawa to the islands.

Some islands have shores lined with mangrove trees or salt bush. Shoals and submerged coral reefs, a spectacular marine life (dolphins, sharks, dugongs, turtle species, hermit crabs, fish, mollusks or shellfish), shipwrecks and pumice stones formed from submarine volcanoes make the Red Sea an unforgettable diving experience


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how can I arrange for a diving liveabord in Dahlak?



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