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Eritrea has one international airport and this is known as

Asmara international Airport

, it gives a few services to the international connections. The most consist is

Air Lufthansa

that operates thrice on a weekly basis linking from Frankfurt. Take note that

Eritrean Airlines

fly twice weekly to and from Dubai via Djibout and once in a week from Rome and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Egypt Air a operates a twice weekly to and from Cairo furthermore, Yemania Air also flies twice from Samna in Yemen. Saudi Air also the some for both Jeddah and from Samna in Rivadh.Flights that are internal or home based have a limited schedule. Other Airlines with cheaper flights to Asmara Eritrea include United Flights and Sudan Airways.

British Airways has indirect flights to Asmara via Nairobi (kenya) or Addisababa, from where you can take other airlines with direct routes into Asmara Airport.

Flights to Massawa Eriteria

Massawa international Airport (MSW) Eritrea is found in the north eastern district of Massawa, a major tourist town and sea port ion the Red Sea. This new airport was commissioned in 2005 with intercontinental flights and domestic flights linking with Asmara airport. Pegasus Airlines has flights to Massawa and from Istanbul Turkey, to Dubai, to Cairo and Nairobi to Jeddah



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