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Eritrea Hotels

Eritrea is such a great country with beautiful hotels that will surely make your stay a success. Asmara hotel is well known to be the inter-continental that provides excellent services as well as high quality facilities that is more similar to that of the western countries.

Hotels in Eritrea

Hotels in EritreaAccommodation in Eritrea is actually cheap and that means that you can’t fail to get where to sleep once you are on a visit. This is because the hotels and the pensions make a small gathering of people where by, they are provided with food and drinks thus make accommodation cheap unlike the other African countries where foreigners are heavy charged thinking that they have lots of money.

Among the attractive and old fashioned hotels include the

Albergo Italia

which is famous for its colonial architecture in Asmara further more a destination of its self along with beautiful attractions. Surprisingly, even the small hotels in Eritrea have a big collection of architectural pictures that will show you how nice the country is.

Hotels in Asmara Eritrea

There are many hotels, restaurants and pensions in Asmara cater to every price range and level of comfort. Asmara hotels have a rational standard and that includes the coastal town of Massawa. Research has it that staying around the coastal is actually cheaper and it costs about US$65 per person, The package includes better facilities like clean rooms, new sheets, security and many other items that will make your trip a memorable experience. Due to the fact that they many hotels in Eritrea, Air training is also an extra service although its not something done yearly

Asmara Palace Hotel

Found 1km from

Asmara International Airport

on Warsay avenue is a luxury Asmara hotel with marble bathrooms, shopping mall, conference facilities, swimming pool, tennis court, fitness centre, laundry mat and hotel taxis and transport services

Embasoira Hotel

located in located near the city centre in Asmara’s Italian villa quarter with fairly cheap room accommodation, 24/7 open restaurant with international cuisines and dining, spacious lounge, conference hall, internet and small gift shops.

La Scala Hotel

-This Asmara hotel is a modern facility located 3km form Asmara International Airport on Andenet Street down town of Asmara.

Bologna Hotel

in Tiravolo Asmara- Has 69 comfort themed guest rooms, well furnished with modern furniture, telephone, en-suite bathrooms, shops, restaurant serving intercontinental dishes and serene gardens.

Keren Hotel-

Keren Hotel

also called Alberrgo Italia is probably the oldest hotel in Asmara located on Nakfa Avenue and is undergoing renovation works since 2005. All rooms have satellite television, telephone service, elegant suites and room service. Other hotels in Keren include New Costina hotel and Sarin Keren hotel

Sunshine Hotel

-only 5 minutes walk from NICE building in Asmara with 26 well furnished rooms, restaurant, terrace garden bar, conference hall and other luxury facilities.

Crystal Hotel

is one another standard asmara hotel with remarkable service with cheap rooms. Other asmara hotels include Midian hotel, savanna international hotel, expo hotel, Lion hotel and Asmara Ambassador hotel among others.

In Massawa Eritrea, find Eritrea accommodation from Gurgussum Beach hotel, Red sea hotel and Seghen International hotels