Why Visit Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is a land of differences, from the cold peaks of Simien Mountains to the hot Danakil desert. Ethiopia continues to be an exceptional destination in Africa.

Ethiopia’s History starts with her most popular ancestor, Lucy, that roamed this country 3.2 million years back. The surge of the Axumite Empire during the First century BC normally marks the start of fairly modern Ethiopian history.

With the introduction of Christianity to this somewhat isolated nation in the 4th century, you can’t help as you watch the vibrant Orthodox celebrations to find out that these acts of faith as well as devotion are most likely close to the very original kind of Christianity as is within the world these days.

In addition to a lively history are enchanting stories plus legends which define the legacy of Ethiopia.

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Why take a Tour in Ethiopia?

Once you hear the mention of Ethiopia plenty of affiliation could cross your mind among which are:

Cradle of Mankind- probably the most complete as well as most ancient hominid fossil remnants of “Lucy” (Australopithecus Afarnses) locally referred to as Dinknesh which means “wonderful”. these were Discovered in 1974 within Hadar,

The sole African country having the longest history which was never colonized

Country of diversity- a land with variety of geography, ethnicity, culture, language plus religion,

Home of utmost endemism-   a nation with endemic plants, animals and bird life

Home of the authentic Ark of the covenant- for millions of years up to this point the Authentic Ark of the Covenant stored in the sacred AXUM city , the place where Ethiopian civilizations started

Addis Ababa, just isn’t Ethiopia’s capital but as well Africa’s capital and the seat of the continent’s top international organizations including AU and ECA plus several embassies

The birth place of coffee- The storyline of coffee begins in Ethiopia, the first home of a coffee plant – Arabica coffee, that still grows in the forest of its highlands

Thousands of endless smiles with a warm welcoming people

What tethiopia landscape photoo see on a Tour in Ethiopia?

Fasil Ghebbi (castle) in Gondar Region

The 1979 fortress was the dwelling of the Ethiopian emperors in the 16th plus 17th century. The city continues to be, surrounded by a wall and including buildings having a Hindu plus Arab influence, afterwards the Jesuit missionaries transformed it in to a Baroque style

Axum-Region, Cultural

The 1980 ruins of Aksum city, dating from the 1st to 13th century, symbolize the heart of historical Ethiopia and the once “most powerful city between Persia and Eastern Roman Empire”. It contains royal tombs, monolithic obelisks and giant stelae, plus ruins of previous castles.

Lower Valley of the Awash- in Afar Region,

Paleontological findings from a minimum of Four million years back, the most crucial discoveries from this site is the well-known hominid Lucy (approximated 3.2 million years) as evidence of mankind evolution.

Harar Jugol- the Fortified Historic Town in Harari Region,

This city is found on a plateau and encompassed by gorges plus savanna. It has Eighty two mosques, 3 from the 10th century, there are102 shrines plus outstanding interior design within the townhouses. its believed to be the 4th holiest city of Islamic faith.

Lowethiopia landscape photoer Valley of the Omo -Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region,

The ancient site close to Lake Turkana is the place of several fossil findings, including Homo gracilis, located on the border of Kenya plus Ethiopia.

Rock-Hewn Churches- Lalibela Amhara Region,

The site has eleven middle ages monolithic-cave churches back from the 13th century, all carved from one rock in the leadership kind Lalibela.

Simien National Park- in Amhara Region,

Significant erosion around the Ethiopian plateau has produced a magnificent landscape of mountain peaks, profound valleys as well as sharp precipices falling some 1,500 meters.


Konso Cultural Landscape-Southern Nations Nationalities, and People’s Region, cultural

It forms a magnificent illustration of a living cultural tradition spreading over Twenty one past generations (over 400 years) adapted to its arid hostile environment. The terrain shows the shared values, engineering skills as well as social cohesion of its communities.


Which Tour Company or Tour Operator?

Ethiopia has numerous Tour companies and some the most distinctive ones are listed here.

The good thing is, many of these companies coordinate tour to the different tourist destinations within Ethiopia for this reason offering tourists the opportunity to visit the several tourist sites around Ethiopia. Nevertheless i greatly advise that no matter what tour company you intend to use, double check that it’s register with the tour operators in the Ethiopia.

Where to Stay on a Ethiopia Tour?

Ethioethiopia landscape photopia offers a wide variety of accommodations below are some of them


The majority of the nice hotels within Ethiopia are located in Addis Ababa plus some other major centres, even though they are generally better in the northern region compared to the south. Larger hotels with first class facilities are found solely in the capital and a couple of major towns. the Midrange plus budget hotels are located across the country in all tourist destinations. the Facilities plus service often vary broadly.


Camping is permitted in the majority of places however local advice should be acquired prior to free-camping. The tents may be hired from the tour companies within Addis Ababa. A number of the national parks now possess official campsites although they are very basic and don’t have bathroom facilities. Additionally it is common for most hotels within rural areas to permit camping in their grounds even though this won’t spare would-be campers any money since they will normally be charged the same amount as though paying pay for budget hotel rooms.

Other accommodation:

Lodges: presently, Ethiopia has a variety of luxury plus mid-range lodges in most of its popular rural tourist destinations. With luxury lodges, the term ‘luxury’ ought to be taken seriously however these places are still fantastic in case you wish to relax for a couple of days in the middle of beautiful surroundings.

Special accommodation: In the old city of Harar a number of traditional Adare houses happen to be set up as guesthouses. Within the Bale Mountains as well as on the cultural trekking routes near Lalibela you will find basic accommodation managed by the community for trekkers.

Backpacker hotels: Affordable hotels normally accommodate more for locals however in Addis Ababa and the major tourist site staff are also used by foreign visitors. Visitors will usually be charged a greater room rate. You will find there’s great level of cleanliness plus amenities. A number of the really low-cost hotels as well double as brothels therefore should be avoided by female travelers moving alone.

When to Go on a Tour in Ethiopia?

The ideal time to go to Ethiopia is most likely in the dry season. However the festivals of Ethiopia are a big attraction, therefore irrespective of the weather I recommend that you plan your tour around the Meskel or Timkat time. In case you are a budget traveler, you might wish to visit during the “low season” to acquire the finest deals.

How much does a Ethiopia Tour cost?

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Are the people of Ethiopia Friendly?

Undoubtedly, the men and women of Ethiopia are truly warm and friendly.

There are over eighty distinct ethnic groups within Ethiopia speaking as many different languages and more than 200 different languages are spoken across the country.

Ethiopia is the sole African country with its own specialized script.

Ethiopia says it has the Ark of the Covenant plus a piece of the Genuine Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified.

Ethiopia is referred to as the Cradle of Mankind, having some of the very first ancestors discovered buried in its soil. Lucy (approximated 3.5 million years old), the most renowned fossils discovered, were uncovered in Hadar.

Ethiopia continues to be among the only African countries never to have been colonized. It was briefly populated by the Italians between 1936 and 1941.

Ethiopia has nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, higher than all countries on the African continent

What is the Weather like in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is positioned in the tropical zone found between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. It’s got 3 different climate zones based on altitude.

Ethiopian Seasons

Kiremt / Meher (the summer) – the summer season starts in June, July to August. These months receive Heavy rainfall.

Tseday – spring – the spring season starts in September, October to November and it’s also referd to as the harvest season.

Bega – winter – the dry season starts in December, January to February frost in the morning especially in January.

Belg – autumn – the autumn season starts in March, April to May with periodic showers. The month of May is the hottest across the country.


What To See on a Holiday in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is an ideal destination for tourist seeking to have more adventure. It has several historic sites spread through various parts of the country. A blend of rough mountains, broad savannas, rivers plus lakes together with the exception Rift Valley have attracted several tourist to the country. The rich bird life plus the diversity of wild animals have further been a major attraction.

Blue Nile Falls

Blue-Nile-FallsThe Blue Nile (Abbay) which is part of the longest river in Africa is believed to contribute about 80% of the total flow of the Nile. It tremendously thunders to drop over 150 feet below into the valley. The falls are very spectacular as the waters squeeze through a small crevice to fall through a series of cliffs forming a water spray that results into beautiful rainbows. The falls are located 225 kilometers from Addis Ababa and are idea to be part of your itinerary while in Ethiopia.

The Castles of Gondar

Gondar is a city in Ethiopia popular because of the unique decoration and architecture of its churches plus the several ancient castles. The most ancient castle which was designed by Fasilidas still stands today in a perfect condition of refurbish and one can easily climb the stairs to the roof-top to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the largest part of the city.

Simien Mountain National Park

This is among the chief highlands on this continent and has three botanic zones. The park was primarily established to safe guard the Walia Ibex. Additionally, it has families of the Gelada Baboon and the uncommon Simien fox together with more than 50 bird species. Other famous national parks in the country include Awash National Park and Omo National Park.

The Rift Valley

The rift Valley in Ethiopia is a portion of the Eastern Rift Valley has several springs plus stunning lakes together with a diversity of wildlife. It has a series of 7 lakes each with its independent composition and life. The rich flora surrounding the terrain has attracted several tourists to this area. The lakes offer ideal platforms for swimming and other water sports.

Addis Ababa

This is the capital of Ethiopia and is a hub of several social and economic activities. This scenic city lies on the foothills of Mountain Entoto. It has a diversity of stunning architecture varying from modern-day tall buildings, stylish villas, elegant hotels, theatres and bungalows all decorated in anodized aluminum plus marble. The city has several tradition homes built with daub plus wattle. There are various entertainment and accommodation facilities to well cater for all visitors.

Sof Omar Cave

This is yet another attraction that you should not miss outSof-Omar-Cave while in Ethiopia. It is among the world’s most scenic and widespread cave systems. It resulted from the River Wabi changing its course in the ancient times, as it created a new path through the foothills of the limestone.  Today the caves serve as a significant Islamic Shrine that was named after Sof Omar a saintly Islamic Sheikh who took shelter in this place in the ancient past.

How To Choose A Travel Agent Or Tour Operator for an Ethiopia Holiday

Ethiopia has many agencies to help you plan your trip, from flights to attractions as well as hotel reservations. For more information, see our credible list of tour operators in Ethiopia.

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