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About Ethiopia

In my recent voyage to Ethiopia, I discovered some strong treasures in the country. In many aspects Ethiopia is certainly a very remarkable country.

Notably about Ethiopia is that this is a sanctuary for humanity. When you visit a National Museum located in Addis Adaba where the remains of the oldest and much believed missing link between apes and man- Lucy lay, you will be moved by this awesome sight and this will be quite an inspirational moment. In a room, she is gracefully displayed the way she appeared in the sludge of the rift valley floor where she was discovered. Days later as I stand at the peak of the rift valley gazing at a massive unoccupied attractions with a stretch of forested land in the valley, am consumed by a deep contemplation of the relationship between man and Lucy, and how time fast- flew to see Lucy’s forbearer’s , her brothers and sisters all of whom once occupied this expanse finally led into the evolution of mankind- me and you.

Famous Tribes In Ethiopia

When visited the various tribes in the Rift valley, it felt like taking a walk through the time twist.These tribes have a simple lifestyle closely similar to that of early man and among them are the Oromo, Mursi, Hammer, Kanso and the Bani. In addition to their lack of water, electricity, candles, or gas, they practically survive exclusive of any modern equipment or utensils. As an indication of class, they own herds of cows and goats and on the other hand plough small plots of land by means of a wooden hand-carved-plough blade supported by two oxen. Trekking through their villages feels like exploring through a breathing museum. It was quite fascinating looking at these people with body tattoos complex hair-dos made of red clay and butter, with loads of beading, brass and copper and some with lip plates. It was an amazing experience observing these sleek black people with bodies decorated so tremendously live their day to day lives.If it is true that there ever existed a ‘Garden of Eden’ then it must have existed in this verdant Ethiopian valley where Lucy was discovered buried over 3.2 million years back. The roadways, running through this valley are all lined with feral poisonous Adam & Eve apple trees.

Information About Ethiopian Religions

Another remarkable fact about Ethiopia is that it’s a strongly Christian country. Being one of the two known countries to have an official religion, Christianity is part of the daily lives of these people. Unlike other countries I have visited before, this fact is so evident. Although there is a total Moslem population of 30 %, Christians dominate majority of the main cities. The small groups of Moslems are spread out in various parts of the nation although they can best be seen in the large towns and cities. On a daily basis churches are filled with an over whelming congregation to pray. The Orthodox church dominates with its Patriarch located in Addis Ababa regardless of the Axum being among the holiest churches in the entire Christendom. There is a strict observance of lent and the 55 day fasting called Surga begins on Palm Sunday stops on Easter Sunday. Fasting is religiously observed and the restaurants I visited offered only fasting-menus which didn’t include diary and meat products.

What To See In Ethiopia

My visit to the north which lasts one week and is normally referred to as the historic-route, was an engagement into a exceptional type of Christianity and a haven for numerous surprising but commonly ignored evolution by the west. Following a visit to the largest waterfall in Ethiopia and the front-waters of the Blue Nile In Bayar Dal, I embarked on a boat trip on Lake Tana to catch sight of the still existing more than 20 monasteries that were constructed in the 13th century. Each monastery has a circular-thatched church inhabiting detailed paintings portraying biblical events. I was not too eager on an additional church tour up to the Ethiopian plateau of Lalibela, but I willingly went for the ride. Was I really wrong? I wonder; anyway just as one author spelled out, “Were it virtually anywhere but in Ethiopia, Lalibela would rightly be celebrated as one of the wonders of the world, as readily identified as the Pyramids or the Sphinx in Egypt”. Why one would ask? This Petra was carved from a volcanic rock way back in the 700 AD. 11 churches were carved out of the rock down from ground level employing Over 40,000 craftsmen and free masons were employed to carve 11 churches from the rock starting at ground level and finish the work in just 10 years. Everyone believed thst this work would not be skillful completed without the help of God. Coming face to face with these 30 feet churches below ground-level is breath taking. These churches are regarded by the cognoscenti as some of the first pilgrimage sites in all of Christendom and are known as UNESCO World Heritage sites. They are astounding and beyond description. Just like a Portuguese traveler in the 16th century t, I can’t perhaps describe this site; he wrote, “because it seems to me I should not be believed if I write more.” Nor shall I.

Another vital aspect about Ethiopia is the attractive and omnipresent Biblical nature. The legends and beliefs of the King Solomon, Adam and Eve, Queen of Sheba and Prester John dominate the daily lives in the country. The Ark of the Covenant plays a major role in the rituals and traditions of Orthodox Christian in Ethiopia. This ark was thought to have been built by the Israelite children who hold the tablets of the law that God gave to Moses. These are thought to be kept in the historic church Maryam Tsion found in Axum which I also managed to visit.

Interesting History About Ethiopia

Another unique feature about Ethiopia is that it is extremely African. It is the only nation on the African continent that was not colonized. I managed to stand on a summit of a plain of Adwa where in the year 1896, Italy had attempted to take possession of Ethiopia in a battle. After numerous weeks of stopping, the then king of Italian ordered his generals to attack and finish with the job. They were so terribly defeated and they fled the country so disgraced. This event still ranks as the first that Africans managed to defeat European power in a fight of such significance. Again Italy under the regime of Mussolini attempted to take over Ethiopia and in 1936 they managed to occupy some parts in the country for close to five years with constant rebellions.  With support from England the Ethiopians managed to finally throw out the Italians. despite numerous complaints, guilt and corruption,  Haile Selassie, remained a progressive leader that promoted a nation  that bore all ethnicities and faiths; and today considered  by numerous Africans as one among the greatest modern leaders Africa has ever had. So there is a mythology, a tradition and a historic nation, free from foreign colonization and occupation.

Therefore what is remarkable and notable about Ethiopia is that it is the hope for many African countries. Although it is faced with many problems such as being a faction of the poorest countries in the whole world and currently facing a terrible famine, Ethiopia still stands as a replica of democracy, with an independent economy and as a country that has held high its independence with a rich history to pride in. Ethiopia has a diverse total population with an astounding history of numerous outstanding artistic and civilization achievements.

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