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Addis Ababa Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA is the capital of Ethiopia from the horn of Africa. As one of the most beautiful countries, undiscovered for many ages, Ethiopia is a serene place to be right from the moment you land at Addis Ababa Airport.

You’ll notice the difference from the many other countries you have visited in Africa. The capital is famous for its Airport and stop flights for all Ethiopia flights heading to Asia, Eastern Europe and Australia.

Founded by Emperor Menelik around 1887, Addis Abba is home to Ethiopia’s biggest population of more than 2 million people, houses the heart of Economic and administrative arm of the government as well as many other private business.

The city covers nearly 21,000 Ha on the famous foothills of  Entoto Mountains creating a beautiful backdrop of rolling hills through which streams and river fills the valleys. Scenery you won’t find in any other capital city around the world.

Addis Ababa like other modern capitals around the world is filled with sky liners like commercial sky scrappers, Beautiful hotels, apartments, Museums and other interesting attractions. In the suburbs are a few farm lands with grazing herds- a pick into what to expect in the countryside beyond the main business district.

Attractions in Addis Ababa

The National Museum is famous for its antiques and relics besides the rich archaeological history facts of a growing Ethiopia.  Located close to the University of Addis Ababa Graduate School, you can not miss the opportunity to explore the museum. Its most famous exhibit is the 3.5 million year old skeleton of Lucy. Also visit the Zoological Natural history Museum with exhibits of indigenous wildlife species and many other things about Ethiopia

Mount Entoto forms the backdrop of the city of Addis Ababa towering to an incredible 3,200 m above sea level. Part of your Mt. Entoto tours and Ethiopia excursion are trips to Entoto Museums and St Mary’s C is built in 1885.

The Africa Hall is the home and birth place of the African Unity (AU) formerly known as Organization of African Union (OAU). Situated opposite to the Grand palace, the 1961 magnificent monumental building also houses the offices of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. World Laureate Afework Tekle – a special art piece of Miter Artist a famous Ethiopian artist grasses the tainted glass window depicting the future of African freedom.

The Jubilee Palace is a beautiful palace built to commemorate 75 years since the cronations of Emperor Haile Selassie I. Its park has some rare species of wildlife a few endemic to Ethiopia and also a museum.

Holy Trinity Cathedral constructed in 1947 by Emperor Selassie I under intricate architecture and designs with glass tint of the apostles and mosaics of early Christian activity.

The Grand market locally called Markato is a vibrant commercial centre in the capital. Get the real market frenzy when you visit on Wednesday and Saturday every week. Here you’ll buy all the souvenirs, gifts and clothing to take back home!

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