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Axum Ethiopia

Axum is another town from the northern region of Ethiopia, located 365km from Gondar in the north east and west of Adwa Tigrai region. Axum is the oldest city in Ethiopia and was the royal seat of the kingdom of Axum (Ge’ez) from the 10th century. The town lies 2,131m above sea level and is one of Ethiopia’s sacred sites although it receives few tourists.

Tourist Attractions

As one of the religious towns in Ethiopia, there are some incredible churches in Axum. The church of St Mary of Zion is an Ethiopian Orthodox church believed to house the Ark of the Covenant from the Old Testament and the tablets of the Ten Commandments.  The church was built in 1665.

The Obelisks are significant tourist sites in Axum Ethiopia. There are actually tall granite antiques numbering 126 in Axum. The obelisks were believed to have been constructed during 4th century as memoirs of the deceased kings whose tombs are not far from the historical monuments. The tallest obelisk (belonged to King Tutmossis) was 33m before it was destroyed while the tallest standing obelisk is 23m with window like structures, false doors and storeys to make it look like a real building. The stelea field or park has more than 8 obelisk and also has the graves for the different kings.

Other attractions in Axum include the ruins of the Palace of Queen Sheba who is believed to have lived here and several archaeological sites among others sites. The town is an acknowledged UNESCO World heritage site sinece 1980.

Getting there

Axum is connected with domestic flights from Gondar and Addis Ababa with an airport (AXU). It is also accessed by bus from Gondar to Shire then Axum on a 2 hr journey


There are not many Ethiopia hotels in  Axum but some standard accommodation facilities are available from Rambhai Hotel, Africa Hotel Ethiopia and Bazen hotel with budget Ethiopia Hotel accommodation. Other hotels with excellent Ethiopia cuisines and dining include Axum Ethiopia Touring Hotel, Yeha Hotel Ethiopia and Kaleb hotel among others.

Axum is an  historical kingdom which flourished in north-eastern Africa from the First century BC up to the start of the Seventh century AD. Actually Axum is just 360 kilometers north of Gonder and it is the traditional city which was at one time Ethiopia's capital. It is recognized for its historical as well as pre-historic artifacts. Myth has, that it was at one time the seat of the legendary Queen of Sheba also referred to as Makeda by the native Ethiopians); she ruled this region back in the Tenth century B.C.

The stunning Axum obelisks were designed from just one granite stone and they are the tallest monolithic artwork in the world. It is considered that they were constructed approximately 2000 years back. They are distinctive in their overall architectural beauty as well as mysterious past. in addition, Axum is referred to as an archaeological site in which you can see  historic as well as pre-historic artifacts uncovered through continual excavations. All these items are exhibited inside the museum found at Axum.
The Ethiopian legendary the "Kibre Negest" (the "glory of kings") informs us that Menilik I, who was the son of the legendary queen of Sheba plus king Solomon of Israel, delivered the true "Ark of the Covenant" from Jerusalem up to Axum; and that way founded one of the longest known as well as intact monarchical dynasties referred to as Solomonic dynasty in the whole world. Remarkable archeological artifacts, ruins as well as monuments are plentiful within Axum and around it proclaiming to the solid, literate, confident, articulate and practical strength of the development.
Known as the pinnacle of all Ethiopian churches, St. Mary of Zion foung in Axum places to be the handler of the authentic Ark of the Covenant which Menilik I brought .Axum’s most well liked attractions include the spectacular steals or the obelisks, the tombs of king Kaleb as well as King Gebre Meskel, plus the renowned palace of queen Sheba together with her bath.

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