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Bale Mountain National Park

The 2,200sq km park is located south-east of Ethiopia in the region of Oromia. Bale Mountains National Park was gazetted in 1970 on the Bale Mountains and Mount Batu peaks. Much of the park is covered in Savannah grasslands and woods while the Harenna forest on Sanetti Plateau forms much of the southern border.


The Harenna forest is the main habitat for Bale Mountain’s wildlife that includes mammals, amphibians and birds. Bale National Park is home to a large variety of wild animals, including: Domestic Dogs, Ethiopian Wolves, Mountain Nyala, Horas, Rodents, the Stark’s Hare, Erica, Birds, Giant Obelia, Glades, Bale Monkeys, Amphibians and Reptiles.

Over 280 birds species are recorded in this Ethiopia National Park with 7 of tem endemic to Ethiopia and other migrants from Kenya and nearby parks. The beautiful river system formed as a result of volcanic activity and the deep valleys and gorges creates scenic waterfalls and small lakes that attract many of these birds.

Fishing and trekking are good in the park and particularly fishing on Ethiopia Safaris. The rivers of Danka, the Web and the Shaya Rivers were stocked with fry and trout from Kenya in the 1960s.

Access to Bale National Park is easy with private vehicles and shuttles hired from Ethiopian Tour Operators in Addis Ababa. Accommodation is available in Gabba or at the Park headquarters

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