Ethiopia National Parks

Ethiopia is an ideal destination for adventure tours. The country has several parks and reserves to shelter its flora and fauna which can be visited to sight see these animals and explore their natural havens. Tourists in Ethiopia are guaranteed to see zebras, lions, giraffes and many others as they roam on Ethiopia’s wild. Among the recognized 105 animal species are the shy wild ass and the unpopular Walia Ibex. Below is a detailed list of nation park in Ethiopia.

Visit Ethiopia’s National Park

Mago National Park

Mago National Park is a very isolated place on the eastern shore of river Omo, with a terrain characterized by rising and rolling grasslands, thick acacia shrubs and some deserts. It covers a total land area of 2162 sq km. It is one of the most natural but spectacular places rich with wildlife in Ethiopia. You will be able to hear a number of birds sing sweetly in the thick acacia trees and in the rolling terrain far beyond. However the greatest challenge faced by tourists who vist this pack is accessibility due to the impenetrate-able terrain of the park.

Omo National Park
This park lies on the south west shore of river Omo . it is located just 870 kilometers away from Addis Ababa the capital. It is a haven for some of the most striking wild animals in this country. The positioning of Omo National Park at the shore of river Omo has made the park a magnet for a diverse variety of birds.

Abyata-Shala Lakes National Park
Occupying an area of about 887 sq kilometers and 482 sq kilometers on water, the park was twin rift valley lakes – Shala & Abyata. The park was established to shelter aquatic birds in reside by the lake especially the few Flamingos,  and the white Pelicans. This spot is also a very good resting destination fo migrating birds

Simien Mountains National Park
this is a must go-to destination for those with a passion for exploring the beautiful landscape and watching lots of wildlife. Semien Mountain National Park is a UNESCO recognized heritage site. It holds one of Africa’s important mountain massifs. It has a very attractive terrain dominated by Africa’s fourth highest mountain that projects to a height of 4620 meters – Ras Dashen.

Simien Raptor

With numerous mountain peak projections of more than 4000 meters high. Semien is a sanctuary for prevalent animals such as , Semien Foxes, Gelada Baboons and Walia Ibex. The park is endowed with numerous plant and bird species.

Awash National Park
Awash National Park located 211 Kilometers east of Addis and covers a total area of cover 827 sq kilometers. It was named after river Awash which borders the park to the south. You can also see lake Abbe a salty lake at the border of Djibouti and Ethiopia. Awash National Park has a rich wildlife population which makes it one of the most rewarding destination in Ethiopia. Among the resident animals are Wild Pigs, Soemmerrings Gazelle and Beisa Oryx.

Gambella National Park
Gambella is situates on the banks of river Baro, 600 kilometers from Addis Ababa and has a very unique history. A popular activity in this park is the guided walk through the park which usually last for 2 to 3 days. The park also has a number of wildlife.

Nech Sar National Park
Nech Sar National Park is located near Arba Minch town between Lake Chamo and lake Abaya just 510 kilometers south of Addis-Ababa. Its 514 sq kilometer terrain composed of savanna, groundwater forests and dry bushes has numerous wild animals roaming on it.

Nech Sar Zebras

The park shelters a number of animals such as Burchell’s Zebra, Bushbuck, Grant’s gazelle, Swayne’s Hartebeest, Grey Duiker Guenther’s Dik-dik, Anubis Baboon and the Greater Kudu. The park has recorded over 189 bird species and among these are the Kori Bustard, Red billed Hornbill, Fish Eagle, Grey Hornbill and many more birds. Scenery of mountains, rolling hills and a hot spring in the extreme eastern regions ranks Nech Sar Zebras among the best attractive parks in Ethiopia.

Explore the National Parks

Maybe the best contributing aspect to several tourists’ amazing encounters of Ethiopia trekking is its big collection of national parks. Ethiopia is characterized of fascinating cities, landmarks, stunning display of fauna and flora and lush valleys that make the country the best spot to visit. Majority of tourists that visit Ethiopia come to see the mountains and it’s the main attraction of the country. If you are interested in mountain trekking, there are two alternatives that will make you enjoy your hike and these include Simien Mountains National Park along with Bale Mountains National Park. Whichever you decide to visit, you will get a memorable experience of true nature.Simien Mountains are often visited and this is because of its historic secrets along with the wonderful view that it offers to its visitors. Besides it has many well maintained routes that will direct you to Simien Mountains as you enjoy the beautiful scenery. Places of interest include the wildlife spotting chances at Chenek, the summit of Ras Dashen (4543meters) along with the sights from the Immetgogo promontory with a height of 3926 meters.

…And Don’t Miss

Ethiopian has some of the man-made attractions that are inspiring and well worth visiting.Gonder is a bus stop where funs of Ethiopia trekking proceed to the Simien Mountains. It’s acknowledged as 17th century castles that are often visited.Lalibela is a city in Ethiopia that is most treasured, it has beautiful attractions that include churches that were engraved straight into the rock-face. After a hectic day of trekking, you may decide to take a walk around the city and delight in its unique features. You will actually discover the beauty of Ethiopia.

Trekking Mountain Simiens

Simien Mountains is the best spot to enjoy your trekking holiday; it’s situated in the northern part of the country. These rocky, natural mountains offer fascinating landscapes, as well as stunning fauna and flora. There are challenges that you are bound to face as you trek the mountain, Ras Dashen is Ethiopia’s highest peak with a height of 4,533meters.Getting to the summit is everyone’s dream and this can be achieved if you contact a tour operator who is familiar with the place. Taking a tour to Ethiopia will give you a chance to interact with the local people and get to know how they relate with each other. A trekking holiday Simien Mountains is a dream come true to every trekker.

Outstanding Flora and Fauna

The Simien Mountains are home to a wider collection of flora and fauna that can be viewed right on your Ethiopian trekking holiday. The gigantic lobelia is seen on spot as you proceed with your trek. Common flora seen include the endemic globe thistle, jasmine, non-fruiting olive trees, Solanon, fennel, wild lavender and thyme and the endemic Abyssinian rose. Most popular fauna include the endemic Abyssinian fox which is called Ethiopian wolf, its mostly endangered and rare to see in the wilderness. Wildlife and bird species is are easily sighted in their natural setting. The heart baboons are seen and hard to be find anywhere else in world.

Challenges For  Climbing Simien Mountain

Ethiopia has the highest peaks and among these includes the Simien Mountains that have a height of over 3,000m to 4,000 meters. This is quite a challenge to the enthusiastic trekkers that are on a holiday in Ethiopia. Emphasis is put on getting to the summit of Ras Dashen (4,533m) and other peaks such as Kedadit (3,760), Saha(3,785m) and Immetgogo(3,926m).As you plan to take  trek the mountains of Ethiopia, you  must be physically fit .Contact a reliable tour company that will tailor make your itinerary and still Endeavour that you  have  achieve your goal. The experience is worth it.

 Fascinating Coffee Ceremony

As you enjoy your Ethiopia trekking, you will be delighted with the traditional coffee that is served after a challenging trek. The process is simple to have pure coffee; the beans are washed and thereafter roasted, grounded and poured into a kettle to have it boiled on a stove. As coffee is served, the aroma will make you take more cups of coffee. The whole place will have a wonderful scent of coffee accompanied by traditional music that will make you stay memorable. If you are a kind that loves such ceremonies, you are kindly requested to pay money to your host as it will contribute much to the family. It’s a simple way of appreciating the work they do and caring about clients that visit the place.

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