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4.72 (9 reviews)
King Dawit Tours Ethiopia is one of the pioneer and well-established tour and travel company base...
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Oh Wow where do I start? ETT is an Ethiopian owned company and was the very first operator to do ...
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Senait Ethiopia meaning ‘Beautiful Ethiopia, Excellent Ethiopia’ in Amharic, the official languag...
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Local Tour Operator and Guide for the Southern part of Ethiopia Omo Valley tribes tour, Come and ...
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see Ethiopia with us, visit wildlife parks, historical sites
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Dynamic owner-managed company sets up bespoke tours allover Ethiopia . . . OVERLAND Ethiopia Tours
  My Choice Ethiopia Tour & Car Rent is Addis Ababa based tour and travel company hat de...
A reliable tour company taking through the magical attractions of Africa. All special interest ac...
I am a tour operator and tour guide in northern part of Ethiopia .Northern Ethiopia is the cradle...
AGESHA TOURS,  will make you depart back home with memorable days and nights staying in our good ...
Gelada Baboon / Bleeding-heart baboons
MARVELOUS ETHIOPIA TOUR: is managed by well-experienced professionals dedicated to provide best s...
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Addis Ababa-based tour operator that organizes and operates tours to various historic/cultural/tr...
We are Aman Ethiopia Tours, a privately owned tour Operator and travel company based in Addis Aba...
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of clients: List of Tour Packages Eco-Tour Business Tour MICE Cultural Tour Historical Tour Trek...
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Paragon Ethiopia Tours is a solid brand, professional and well-organized Ethiopia tour company &a...
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Eastern Travel has now  transferred its company for the second generation with 42 years in experi...
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Omo Valley  Tour is a sister company of  Aman Ethiopia Tour & Travel which is established mai...
World Sun Ethiopia Tours teams are very proud to introduce you their country. Ethiopia is a count...
We are one of the tour operators, that can arrange your dream tour, our professional Driver, Guid...
Degu Omo valley tour is jinka based tour company
Ton Reve Ethiopie Voyage is a registered,private limited Tour and Travel  Company that has a regi...
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Absolute Ethiopia Tours is a private-owned Ethiopian tour operating company. We provide complete ...
Looking for the vacation, Tour to Ethiopia with Best Tour operator Company of a life time? Welcom...
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When you are planning African safari tours, Ethiopia should be listed and ranked first because you need time to discover and tour the mysterious timeless country that has remained intact for millions of years. Ethiopian holidays are compared to find and understanding human history. The country has a rich cultural history besides its vast array of attractions and destinations, wildlife and scenic landscape. The countryside is set in robust majestic mountains and rift valley escarpment, endless savannah grasslands, volcanic crater lakes and many tributaries and water streams. It will take you a lifetime to visit each of the tourist attractions that Ethiopia has to offer.

Historical cities and towns

Axum is Ethiopia’s oldest city with history dating back to 3,000 years back of cultural and traditional importance. The biblical Convenant Ark is said to have been laid in St Betty of Zion Cathedral during the 16th century. Skulls and fossils from previous emperor of the ancient Ethiopian empire are also part of Axum’s attraction found in many of the monasteries and churches. The Islamic town called Harar is home to some 99 mosques and several pilgrims arrive here from all part of the world. The city also has intricate handicrafts like woven fabrics, silverware and historical writings and textbooks.

Other historic cities and towns include Bahr Dar, Gondar from the northwest, Lalibela and Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia. A number of tourist attraction are found in Addis Ababa's main street in addition to hotels, restaurants, churches and vibrant marketing selling African gifts and crafts.

This Ethiopian culture blends around 70 tribes with total different languages. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church forms a major part of Ethiopian people’s lifestyles besides Islam. The Dasanech tribe is one of the significant tribes and is famous for its body art and painting. Visit Ethiopia and embrace the different festivals like Enqutatash, Meskel, Irecha, Hidar Tsion, Genna (Christmas) and Timket. You can’t fail to get tied in one of these at the time of your visit!

Ethiopia Holiday attractions

Mother natures has blessed Ethiopia with some of the best and most unique sights, unspoilt for many decades making it UNESCO world heritage site. Sof Omar stands out as the world’s longest cave located on Juba River. Ethopia wildlifeThe geographic formations have made Ethiopia a rich eco-system with around 6 national parks; Mago National park, Bale Mountains Park, Abyata-Shalla National Park, Semin National Park and Nech Sar National Park and host over 103 species of mammals that include Elephants, Giraffes, Leopard, Lions and Buffalo; one can also see Cheetah, Zebras and Greater and Lesser Kudus. There are over 1,000 species of birds recorded in Ethiopia alone and 21 of them are endemic

Northern Ethiopia is quite hot and partially a desert, there are some glaciated mountain like Rash Dashen standing at 46,000m and others like Semine. Both are popular for mountain trekking and hiking. North of Ethiopia is Dallol a hot town often toured by carmel trails and is the place to find Tis Isat waterfall. In addition there are over 10 high river flowing with plunging waters like Awash Falls, several lakes and many volcanic craters with active magma and lava. The Omo area though not inhabited, holds in excess of many years of traditional background with hominids and fossils that remain intact for a lifetime. using hominid remains present in it.

Traveling to Ethiopia is similar to being carried to an absolutely distinct world. Ethiopia is served by a number of airline carriers including Nigeria Airways, Ethiopian Airline carriers, Egypt Air, Sudan Air passages, British breathing passages, Yemen Airways, Lufthansa along with Saudi. There are several hotels and overnight options ranging form luxury to budget accommodation options. Book your Ethiopia safari holiday with a tour and travel operator to get the best African safari you can ever think of.

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