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For trekkers who have a passion for history, you should think about visiting Ethiopia the horn of Africa. These trekking holidays do present the chance to visit rich tourist sites in Ethiopia such as castles, rock-hewn churches, and underground tombs, thus making Ethiopia one of the secreted charms in Africa. Pre arranged tours offer you the opportunity visit the best sites. There are three prime  places that you should endeavor to visit and include on your itinerary as you enjoy your trekking holiday in Ethiopia.

Trekking In Ethiopia


Since King Lalibela's supremacy which was between the 12th & 13th centuries, this place is well-known for its churches framed out of rock - a few stamped into the rock surface and some freestanding. The churches are all uniquely attractive. In comparison to other historic churches all over the world, surprisingly theses churches are still used by locals, pilgrims and priests. Visitors partaking trekking holidays in Ethiopia will get the opportunity to see some people in Lalibela who have made a pilgrimage prostrating themselves outside and inside the churches. Perhaps the most outstanding of all the churches is the 15 meters/49 feet tall with three-tier Bet Giyorgis church.  When observed from above its structure is in the outline of a Greek cross.


Axum once the capital city of the kingdom of Axumite that survived for approximately a thousand years is a World Heritage site recognized by UNESCO. The ancient ruins in this place comprise of a ruined palace, underground tombs and very tall stelae; and it ranks among Africa’s most significant archaeological sites. The prominent stone monoliths that are scattered all through the city were carved from single portions of granite. Basing on a fairy tale, the extraterrestrial powers of the Ark-of-the-Covenant were essential in transporting the monoliths and positioned them where they stand today. in close proximity, the Ark remains are in Our Lady Mary of Sion Church. There are numerous spots of interest to vies among the wrecks at Axum during your trekking holiday for example the tallest collapsed stelae found in Stelae Park. Formerly standing at 33.5 meters or 110 feet high, it symbolized a slim 13 storey building with rows of doors & windows. One presumption regarding to its purpose points out that it was a residence for spirits of dead people.


Another must-visit site during your on trekking vacations or cultural tours in Ethiopia, is the Gondor commonly referred to as Africa's Camelot. In 1636, Emperor Fasiladas d declared Gondor his capital city.  - he has left-behind a grand Royal Enclosure with a dining hall, library stables, a chancellery, three churches and castles. In addition, just adjacent he left a Fasiladas' Bath which was used for baptisms. Visitors are advised to visit the Debre Berhan Selassie Church, famous for exceptionally decorated ceiling with cherubs and good-looking frescoes portraying the story of Christ. There is a wall neighboring the church with 12 towers, each symbolizing an apostle.

The Marketing Manager for Mountain Kingdoms, an adventuring tour company that runs numerous trekking itineraries in Ethiopia is Jude Limburn Turner. Being functional in Asia for more than 20 years, it offers tour and trekking trips internationally, including itineraries to destinations in Europe, North & South America, Africa, Central Asia  and South East Asia.

Travel To Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country situated in the Horn of Africa, it’s one of the most densely populated countries in Africa.Unfortunately, it’s acknowledged to receive less attention in sectors like media and travel writing. Ethiopia is famous for its trekking activities and it’s this that makes it a holiday destination to visit. Since there is not so much about this country, you find some difficulties in locating where to stay and what to enjoy while there. Below are some of the tips that will guide on what to expect on a tour or trek in Ethiopia.

Why Ethiopia?

Right after Nigeria, Ethiopia takes up the second-highly inhabited country in Africa. It’s strategically positioned on the continent’s hone. It clearly displays Africa’s hottest and lowest points; furthermore it’s well known for its luxuriant landscapes. If you are a kind that loves  adventure, Ethiopia is the best destination to visit because it will offer you great trekking in its beautiful surroundings. As you enjoy your trekking, you will discover other charming aspects about Ethiopia’s history along with its architectural wonders that attract many tourists to the country.

Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia and it’s located in the highlands with a favorable climate throughout the year. The city has a lot of features to explore including walking routes and mountains that are a great attraction to the country. As you enjoy your flight to Ethiopia, you will delight in the beautiful scenery of the landscapes that will surely make you appreciate the country as quite unique from other countries in Africa.Accommodation in Ethiopia ranges from hotels,lodges,guest house and apartments with better services and facilities to make your stay memorable.

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