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Walking safaris in Ethiopia are not that common but they are one of the few ways that one can see the country through a different angle. During the walking safaris one can easily get a close up to all the things that they want to see and it gives tourists a chance to visit all the area that you cannot get to when you are driving and these include:

A Walking safari to the Lalibela

Lalibela is filled with different rock churches that were constructed in the 11th Century although that is just an estimate date as few people can tell their exact age. A walking safari through safari will take you through the three divided sections of the churches that is the Northern churches, the southern churches and the St George church which is separated from the rest of the churches. This is an adventure that you would not want to miss and you will be escorted by a trained and licensed tour guide who will have a rifle to protect you and your group. The walking safaris in Lalibela are done in groups of four to six and the time taken depends on the speed you use while walking but note that some places in Lalibela are off limits to the women and only men are allowed to walk through.

  • Walking safari to the southern churches of Lalibela will take you through the church of Merkorios, the Gabriel-Rufael, the church of Emmanuel, the church of Libanos and all these have a lot to offer from their structures, paintings inside the churches and the history of Ethiopia through the eyes of the church.
  • A walking safari through Saint George is as fascinating as other Lalibela churches as it is considered to be the most beautiful church in Ethiopia. You will be able to gaze at the unique architect designs that, enjoy the sunrise and sunset as you walk through the narrow streets.
  • A walking safari through the southern churches will take you through the church of Virgins, the church od Golgotha, the church of the Holy cross, the church of the savior of the world and many more others. All the churches have a history that will make your trip worth it especially form the locals and tour guides.


Walking safari through


Gondar city is the African Camelot due to the way the structures that are found in the area dating back to the 16th century. As you head out to Gondar city, there are walking safari destinations some of which include:

  • The Simiens national Park

The Simiens national park is located near the Simiens Mountain and they are both found on the route that leads to the Gondar city. There are several clearly marked walk routes through the park which will be shown to you by the tour guides. The best time to go for a walking safari through the National park is the dry season because during this time, the routes to be used are passable as they are not flooded or muddy.

  • Walk through the Gorgora city, the markets that are found in the Gondar city and the woleka village. Here you will be able to meet the locals and interact with them, get to know more about their cultures, buy some souvenirs and enjoy the evenings around a bone fire after a long day walking.

A walking safari to the Axum

Axum or Aksum is known to be the most historical city in the country and it provides enough opportunities for one to have a walking safari. Your walking safari through Axum will take you to different destinations all which will blow your mind away and these are the Ark of the Covenant Chapel where it is believed that the Ark of the covenant was taken by king Solomon’s son, walk to the Queen Sheba bath and palace, take a walk through the Field Stelae, take a walk to the tombs of King Caleb and king Gebre Meskel, walk to the Mary of Zion Church and end your walk safari to the archeological Museum. Throughout your walk in Axum, you will be able to learn more about the ancient kingdom of Aksum, the former Emperors of the country, Christianity in Ethiopia and the country as a whole.

A walking Safari to the Harar city

The Harar city is located in one of Ethiopia’s remote places but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy the beautiful scenery as you walk through. You will need a tour van to get to the city but after that, explore it on foot as this will be one of the many ways though which you will learn more about the stone city. You can start your walk by visiting the stone gates that have been standing for more than a century, go and explore the coffee farms where the famous Harar coffee is planted, harvested and processed, go to the different markets in Harar where you get to buy different Ethiopian made products, walk to the numerous Orthodox churches that are found in the city and visit the numerous villages where you meet the locals and learn more about their culture. Since most people in the Harar city do not speak English, you will need to go with a tour guide who will help you with the translations.

A walking safari to the Blue Nile waterfalls

This is a beautiful safari that everyone should take once they visit Ethiopia. These are located in a conducive place in Bahir Dar and getting to it has been made easy due to the clear routes that lead to the falls. They have a good scenery and you can refresh form the falls after a long day while trekking and it also provides a good back drop for all those who love taking photos and as you walk to the Falls you also get to meet the different locals and interact with them, do some birding and sight a few animals that live in the area.

Walking safari through Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia and a home to many important and unique destinations to visit. You must be thinking that is crowded for a walking safari but there are places within the city that you can go to and enjoy your walking experiences and these include  walk through the red terror museum which was constructed in remembrance of the people who lost their lives during the Marxist war, walk to the Entoto Mountain where you will be able to see the different animals and birds and also get a get view of the city, take a walk through the different monuments that are found in the city like the Derg monument and the Lion of Judah monument, visit the Medhane cathedral which is considered to be the largest orthodox church in Africa and many more other places in Ethiopia. A guide will be there to make sure that you enjoy your safari.

A walking safari through Lake Tana Monasteries

The Lake Tana region has numerous monasteries that will take up your time once you visit and these are believed to have been built during the 12th century. The Monasteries are divided into two those that can be visited by both female and male and those that are not open to the female sex. You can easily walk from one monastery to another and experience the serenity that is given off by these buildings that are extremely old. Some of the monasteries that you will see on your walking safari include the Tekla Haimanot, the Dega Estefanos, the Tana Cherkos monastery, the Azuwa Maryam Monastery, Ura Kidane Meret and many more others. After walking through them, you can join the locals and rest while you enjoy the local food that is prepared in the different restaurants.

A walking safari through the Tigray region

The Tigray region is located in the North Eastern highlands of Ethiopia and it has some of the oldest churches in the country. These have been declared a UNESCO heritage and walking through the different churches will give you an insight of how Ancient Ethiopia looked like and its religious background. You’re walking safari though the Tigray will take you through the villages where you will meet the different locals, walk through the Daniel Korkor and Maryam Korkor where monks go for their prayers and the Abuna Yemata church. Walking safaris in the Gheralta Mountain, the Gheralta Mountain is located north of the Simiens Mountains National Park and is little known to most tourists but offers some of the best walking trails in the country. The Gheralta lies in the Tigray region in one of the remote villages making it hard for one to get there. Exploring the Tigray region on foot gives you more chance to understand what exactly you are looking at and you get the company of a well-trained tour guide who helps with the translation and explanations.



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