Ethiopia Hotels, Accommodation, Lodges And Where To Stay

Hotels in Ethiopia are renowned for their good hospitality and wonderful services. Ethiopia is endowed with a vast diversity of wildlife. Furthermore, it receives plenty of sunshine all year hence the common tourism slogan “Ethiopia; thirteen months of sunshine.” Several tourisms visit the country annually hence the tourism industry is doing very well.

Tourists are always spoilt with variety when they visit Ethiopia.  The country has numerous nice man-made plus immaculate attractions that you can sight see all through the day. There are numerous hotels in which you can reside and relax through the evening. You can move around through the evening pleasuring in the scenic attractions and later return to your hotel to enjoy a refreshing night.

Where To Stay In Ethiopia Hotels

You can acquire a vast range  of  hotels or guest houses that can suit all budgets that is the luxurious and expensive ones or the comfortable low budget ones. The quality of services and accommodation will slightly defer basing on the price. However all hotels in Ethiopia are very comfortable to reside in.

The hotels offer yummy cuisines although the national food of the country is injera which is a spongy spiced bread made of grains cultivated in the highlands of the country. Injera is often served with wot a traditional stew made from meat, legumes plus spices. Wot can also be made from chicken, lamb or from fish.

In case you are a vegetarian, you can all the same enjoy your holiday in any of the hotels or motels as majority of them offer vegetarian foods too. The finest vegetarian dish is the Shiro wot injera served with a stew of vegetables. There are also numerous places offering Italian food a remnant of the unsuccessful Italian rulers.

The most popular hotels in the whole of Addis Ababa are Hilton plus Sheraton. These hotels where gorgeously constructed into fine architecture. Searching for first-class facilities and services, then try these hotels. In addition to these there are other private plus government owned hotels through the country that offer nice accommodation at affordable prices. Any averagely priced hotel will certain meet your accommodation standards, food quality, electricity, hygiene, perfect services plus clean water.

Hotel Accommodation In Ethiopia

Ethiopian hotels are prominent for their warmth as well as wonderful services and facilities. It’s one country in Africa that is endowed with a big collection of fauna and flora. Ethiopia has a favorable climate throughout the year. Sunshine is also part of your stay in the country as it has a tourism catchphrase that states that Ethiopia 13months of sunshine. Many tourists visit the country all year around thus leading to the development of the tourism sector in Ethiopian.

Visiting Ethiopia will give so many options, you can decide to go visit the wilderness, catch a glance at the man made attractions and sightseeing at the beautiful landscapes of the country. Ethiopian has luxurious hotels that you can easily book online and still enjoy your stay; you will sit back and relax as you enjoy the environment. If not you can take an evening walk around as you take pleasure in the charming Ethiopia attractions and later on return to your hotel for sound sleep night.

Like any other country, Ethiopia’s hotels range depending on your budget. There are those that will cost you less dollars and those that will make you pay through the nose to enjoy a peaceful night and get better services and facilities. Keep in mind that the quality of services offered to you will depend on the type of accommodation paid for. Therefore as you plan your travel to Ethiopia, you are advised to book in advance the hotel of your choice.

Addis Ababa Hotels in Ethiopia

The hotels are up to standards serving both international and local cuisine. To have a memorable stay in Ethiopia, taste their local food that include spicy bread and injera-spongy that is accompanied with wot a traditional stew cooked with legumes, spices and meat. Just to change on the diet, you can prepare wot with fish, lamb, beef and chicken. Trust me you will have a delicious meal that will make you remember Ethiopia.Keep in mind that holiday inns will as well offer you the best services and they are quite affordable.

Staying at Ethiopia hotels caters for all people for instance meat eaters and vegetarians. They offer various dishes including vegetarian food such as shiro wot-injera prepared with vegetable stew. As you walk around the city, you may discover some Italian food restaurants. These will as well offer the best food that you yarn to eat. Sincerely speaking, food should not a problem if you are planning to visit Ethiopia.

The most prominent hotels in Addis Ababa include Hilton and Sheraton. They are five star hotels with beautiful scenery that will make your stay comfortable. If you are a kind that loves luxury and wonderful services, these hotels or lodges are the best to book for your tour to Ethiopia. Besides these two, you can easily come across Ethiopia hotels that are private or owned by the government with prices that are affordable. A reasonably cost budget hotel  or an apartment will actually meet your standards of accommodation with average services and facilities to make your stay comfortable.

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