Mountains and Lakes of Ethiopia

Bale Mountains and Sof Omar Caves

The Bale Mountains is among the finest spots in Ethiopia to view wild animals.  The most widely seen residents in this place are the endemic Ethiopian wolves plus the mountain nyala.  For bird enthusiasts, the Bale Mountains are a heaven, with more than 250 documented species surviving in the park borders, a minimum of sixteen that are native to Ethiopia.  The most well-known areas for viewing wild animals are the Sanetti Plateau, in which the Ethiopian wolf is most generally seen, together with the Harenna Forest, a thick, moist forest having a large quantity of plant plus wildlife.

Not too far from Bale Mountains are the Sof Omar caves.  Believed to be the biggest caves network in the whole of Africa, they extend 15.1km or 9.5 miles, with the Web River twisting through this cave system the whole distance.  The most spectacular feature of these caves are the massive limestone pillars, which are the most renowned that are found in the Chamber of the Columns.  Not merely a natural wonder, these Sof Omar caves are a significant religious center for the Islam religion as well as the local animist religion.

Rift Valley Lakes

The Great Rift Valley slices across Ethiopia, starting in the in Middle East, and stretching out south across Africa down to Mozambique.  There are quite a number of lakes here each different from each other.  From Debre Zeit up to Arba Minch, the lakes dot the entire landscape offering habitat to a number of birds, a exhilarating watering hole to varied wild animals, and a unwinding location for people in need.  Lake Langano is a well known weekend retreat from Addis Ababa, having a selection of water-based things to do here. Lakes Abiatta as well as Shala form Abiatta Shala National Park.  L. Abiatta is a superficial soda lake, habitat to thousands of beautiful flamingos, whilst, in huge contrast, L. Shala is actually the deepest crater lake in the entire country, at 250 meter.  Lake Awassa offers a tranquil environment in Awassa town, and is renowned along the tourist circuit because of its fascinating fish market in the morning.  Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo found in Arba Minch create part of Nechisar National Park.  Their “crocodile market” found at Lake Chamo is among the finest exhibits of crocodiles throughout Africa.

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