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Simien Mountains Trekking

The Simien Mountains is the best destination that Ethiopia has to offer for a trekking holiday. These rugged mountains situated in northern Ethiopia offer spectacular landscapes with distinctive flora and fauna that are quite challenging to climb. Among the landscapes you will hike is  Ras Dashen  whish is 4,533m and the highest peak in Ethiopia. You will get an opportunity to interact with the local natives and learn more about their customary and rural lifestyles.  A holiday trekking in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia will great a memorable experience.Its quite adventurous as you take a close look at nature.

The Simien Mountain Massif is among the main highlands in Africa, soaring as the highest point within Ethiopia - Ras Dejen at 4620 meters, and it is the 4th highest peak in the world. Even though found in Africa and not very far from the crossing of the equator, the highest points are covered with snow plus ice and at night the temperatures drop lower than zero.

This national park features 3 overall botanical regions: The lower slopes have actually been cultivated and also used for grazing, and then the alpine regions (to 3600 meter) are forested, even though much of this has disappeared. Then the higher lands are entirely mountainous grasslands having fescue grasses and heathers, marvelous Red Hot Pokers as well as Giant Lobelia.This park was established mainly to safeguard the indigenous Walia Ibex, a wild goat. In addition, within the park are groups of the Gelada Baboon plus the uncommon Ethiopian wolf. You will find over 50 bird species which have been documented within the Simien mountains.

Trekking In The Simien Mountains

Flora and Fauna

The Simien Mountains are dwelling place to a chain of flora and fauna all of which can be explored during your trekking holiday in Ethiopia. The massive attractions including the lobelia is one of the sites that you will see as you trek although in some places along your trail you will be able to see the buzzards hovering above them. The endemic Abyssinian rose, jasmine, the endemic globe thistle, fennel, wild lavender and thyme, , non-fruiting olive trees and solanon are all part of the flora in this area. The fauna is majorly composed of the popular Abyssinian fox; also referred to as an Ethiopian wolf, the rarely seen canid which is facing extinction and the mysterious walia ibex. However, many more animals are better seen from the buzzards including the gelada baboons which have a characteristic red patch on their chest which resulted in them being refers to as bleeding heart baboon. Various birds are seen flying and among these are the falcons.

Challenges In Climbing Simien Mountain

Trekking in Ethiopia is quite an incomparable experience with some of its highest peaks such as the semei Mountains involving one to ascend to 3,000m or 4,000m high. This makes an Ethiopia trekking holiday useful and challenging for passionate trekkers. The climax of this adventure is summiting Ras Dashen which is 4,533mm high, and other peaks including Immetgogo; which is 3,926m, Saha at 3,785m and Kedadit at 3,760m. Take care caution should be taken when at these peaks although most highly regarded trekking company include time in the schedule to acclimatize.You can decide to take a walk tour around the surrounding.

What To Do In Ethiopia

One of the activities that spice up trekking in Ethiopia is unwinding at the traditional coffee ceremony after a long day's trek or hike. The ceremony starts by washing the coffee beans, after which they are roasted on a charcoal stove. After that they are ground in a pestle and mortar prior to pouring them into a kettle of water and boiled on a stove. The resulting black coffee is served with sugar in tiny cups. The ceremony ends after drinking three cups, burning incense and playing traditional music like the single-stringed masenko, a type of lute made out of wood, goat skin and horse hair. If you happen to enjoy any of the mentioned ceremonies, please think about donation some money to these your hosts, as this is a main source of revenue to this large family.

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