Suri Ethiopia

Suri also referred to as the Surma people stay in the southwestern Ethiopia plains.  They look after cattle as well as farm if the land is fertile.  To the Suri people, Cattle are crucial since they give them status.  Actually the more cattle a man possess, the wealthier he is. For a man to in fact marry a woman within the Suri tribe, he should own a minimum of Sixty cattle.

Cattle are offered to the woman’s family in exchange for her marriage.  Similar to other tribes, the Suri use the milk plus blood from their cows.  In the dry season, these people drink blood rather than milk.  The Blood may be drained from the cow only one time a month.  This is conducted by making a tiny incision on its neck.
The Suri are quite similar to the Muris tribe and use the identical traditions.  The women put on lip plates which are made from clay.  The men within the tribe fight using sticks known as Dongas.  The women plus men scar their bodies.  In case you find a Suri man having a scar, it normally implies that he has actually killed a person of a competitor tribe.

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