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Africa as a continent is famously known for safari game drives through the vast savannah plains, but that is not all it has to offer; there are a number of destinations with amazing fishing spots and to the travelers interested in sport fishing, they could have a combined safari with other activities and fishing or specifically come for fishing and visit a number of countries.

Below are some of the famous fishing destinations in Africa

 #1 Zambia Fishing

Many rivers and lakes in Zambia host big numbers of fish hence a great place for sport fishing. When anglers travel to Zambia for fishing they are required to carry personal camp gear and pitch their camp near the rivers or lakes where they are to fish from, this is because there are very few hotels in fishing destinations. People interested in camping holidays in the wild, can travel during the dry season around August and September since the rains are rare in these months.


fishing in zambia

Most fishing areas in Zambia include; Lake Kariba – a manmade lake and one of Zambia’s sport fishing areas, it spreads across the national boundaries of Zambia and Zimbabwe and most fish caught is the Tiger fish, the bream and the Sardine-like Kapenta. Also Lake Bangweulu is a great fishing spot for both local people and anglers who mainly catch the bream, tiger fish and cat fish. Also Lake Mweru found on the Northwestern boundary of DR Congo and Zambia is a good place for fishing among other areas.

For fishing you use boats or outboard motors, these should be accessed near where your camp is. You can hire paddlers and canoes to sail on the lake or river. Please be reminded that most Zambia rivers and lakes have a few crocodile and hippos hence you should take care, ensure that you carry an insecticide and malarial treatment. Also the accommodation in Zambia is affordable.

2 # Gambia Fishing

Gambia is among the world’s top fishing destination, and fishermen who have taken a step to visit the MacCarthy Island on the Gambia River for fishing can tell of there are a number of fish species. There is a group that caught a tiger fish weighing about 21lb hence this shows that Gambia is a great place to visit for sport fishing.

You can access the Bird safari camp by road or boat and upon arrival you all you need is to hire a small boat plus a professional and skilled captain who is aware of the best spots to the remarkable fish. Hiring a boat full day is possible and the cost varies between 100USD to 150 USD. Common fish species include; Sharp tooth Catfish, Tiger fish, Guitar Fish, Red snapper, Travallay, Threadfin Salmon, Vundu Catfish, and Zambezi Pike among others.

3# Morocco Fishing

Is your best activity while in Africa fishing? If it’s a yes, then make it a point to visit the clear waters of Morocco for great and unforgettable fishing experiences. Morocco harbors two coastlines; the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines. On top of that, it a number of rivers flowing over the mountain ranges and in the country at large, therefore these are all fishing grounds where you can have a great time having your best catch. The country’s desert areas also have wonderful valleys and oases dotted all over the place. This means you have a variety of places to enjoy sport fishing.

Some of Morocco’s best fishing sports include; Bin el Ouidane, Ouirgane on River Nfis, Khenifra situated on River Oum er Rbia, Azrou near Aghmas lakes, Ifrane among others. These are the best but it doesn’t mean in other places you ant enjoy fishing, you can still do. Fish species found in Moroccan lakes include black bass, roach, pikes, eels, and carp perch. The fish species in mountainous lakes include; trout, barbell, perch, and black bass and for those interested in fishing from the sea it’s also possible as there are a number of opportunities.

4# Zambezi River (Lower and Upper Zambezi)

The Zambezi RiverAfrica’s fourth longest River and hosts one of Africa’s most sought-after water-game fish, “Hydrocynus Vttatus” called the Tiger fish.This type of fish is usually called the “striped water dog,” it is a predator that feeds on baitfish and usually so aggressive. This type inhabits in warm and well-oxygenated fresh waters therefore its most angler’s top target.

The tiger fish can weigh as heavy as 30lb, however most anglers catch those weighing between 12lb and 18lb. this River has two sections the Lower Zambezi (section below Kariba Dam wall) and the Upper Zambezi (River section above the Victoria falls); these offer the best chances for catching the tough Tiger Fish.

The Upper Zambezi hosts an outstanding feature known as the Barotse Floodplain which is home to the ecosystem for all aquatic life. This section prevents any kind of permanent settlement hence the ecosystem is free from commercialization, over fishing and pollution. The best time for catching fish especially the Tiger Fish is from June to August and in October the river is at its lowest level and by November the rainy season resumes through to April.

The Lower Zambezi is a great area with spectacular views at its escarpment. It’s a river section situated in the Southeast of Zambia flowing near the spectacular Lower Zambezi National Pak. This is also another destination targeted by fishermen and because of its numerous fish species including the Tiger Fish. You can have a combined safari with both wildlife viewing and fishing in the same number of days. Fishing inside the Lower Zambezi Park is a good option since fish is protected from over fishing and netting, however, fishing outside the Park is also okay.

The Lower Zambezi can be visited any time though it’s important to know the seasons and best time to go fishing. During the rainy season; from November to March, the water level of the river rises, he lower flood plains become muddy hence making it hard to fish. The best time to fish would be from June to September and it’s a good time for Tiger fish also, the river is clearer with a normal water level. There are good lodges on the banks of both the lower and upper Zambezi river sections, most of them provide different fishing activities.

5# Uganda Fishing

Uganda is one of East Africa’s top safari destinations famously known Mountain Gorilla trekking. And here it’s possible to have a combined safari with gorilla trekking, mountain hiking, wildlife viewing, boat cruises and Sport Fishing. Fishing is mainly done in Lake Victoria and Murchison falls National Park on the Nile.

On Lake Victoria, fishing tours are open to different kinds of anglers including the experience ones and the novices. And the tours range from half day to full day or even have overnight tours on the lake, but this is recommended for the keener anglers. The best fishing method used is mainly trolling with lures. And the eye catching fish caught is the Nile Perch. Equipment for catching Nile perch is provided but if the angers have their specific equipment it is still oaky to use what they have.

In Murchison Falls National Park, famously known for its magnificent waterfalls, also sport fishing is a main activity in the Park along the Nile. Fishing involves casting lures or using live bait, and these methods are used to catch larger fish species such as different Cat Fish and the Nile Perch. The smaller fish species like the Tiger Fish sometimes are used as bait van be caught by Spin fishing. Truth is fishing at Murchison is extremely exciting whereby you can fish from either the boat or the river bank, but you must be careful while at the river bank since hippos and Nile crocodiles are always many.

6#  South Africa Fishing

This is a very big country with a coastline covering about 1, 500 miles, vast numbers of lakes, streams, rivers and infinite numbers of fish species that fill these water bodies. For a travelling angler, South Africa is such a great destination. If you’re interested in fishing from freshwaters, you could stalk the huge trout from the mountain streams of South Africa where you can catch the Tiger Fish to. For deep-see fishing, most charters are at the coastal ports carrying out their operation, you can catch various fish like sailfish, Dorado, tuna, barracuda, sharks, and marlin among others.

Other fishing destinations in Africa include, Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania, Lake Malawi in Malawi, Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zanzibar, among other countries.

Please note that fishing is not limited to only the mentioned lakes and rivers, there are other interesting fishing spots in all the countries mentioned above, so as you plan with your tour operator endure that you get the best information concerning which destination you want to go to and which fish species you would want to catch to make your fishing trip exciting and unforgettable.