Akanda National Park

Akanda National Park is located on the north east coast of Gabon and is one of the 13 Gabon National parks that were gazetted in 2002 to protect the bio diversity of Gabon by President Omar Bongo Ondimba.

The park is near the town of Libreville in the north and on the bays of Mondah and Corisco which are rich in Marine life and exotic plant species. This coastal park is actually Mangroove swamps, lowland evergreen forest, savanna patches and long stretch of tidal beach and together occupies an area of 540sq km. Together with neighboring Pongara National Park, Akanda Gabon Park boasts 2.5% of the entire mangrove swamp area in Africa.


The coast is a dotted with breeding grounds for the green sea turtle called Akanda after the park. Based on its size (72.5 cm curved carapace length, weighing 43 kg), this turtle is a sub-adult. Corisco Bay is an important foraging habitat for juvenile, sub-adult and adult green turtles stemming from at least 10 different rookeries (based on genetic studies). The bay is speckled with rocky fringing reefs and sand bars as well as abundant sea

Other species of animals in the park include endemic species of amphibians and primates among others



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