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Crystal Mountains National Park

The crystal mountains National park in Gabon is found in the renowned rocky crystal mountain ranges that stretch form Equatorial Guinea to the valleys on River Ogooue. The mountain slopes are breathtaking scenery as the name resounds…a variety of trees, orchids, lichens, gallery forests and begonias. The high altitude forest reserve is shielded by mist and clouds


Some of the animals in the park include black colobus monkey, forest buffalo, Mandrill, chimpanzees, forest elephants, leopard and western lowland gorillas among others. There are an estimated 48 species of reptiles in the park.

Getting there: the park is a mere 2 or 3 hours drive from Libreville

Tourist Attraction

There is a hydro-electricity dam at Tichimbele is located on the reservoirs of Kinguele and Tchimbele on Mbe river. The station at the dam provides some houses for tourists in the park and facilities for schools and institutions doing research on the different species of plants in the botanical garden