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Gabon , Things to Do


Nature plus wildlife are the greatest attractions for tourists to this country made up of thirteen national parks as well as numerous eco-tourism places looking forward to be explored. Over 10 % of Gabon’s area is devoted to conservation of natural environment plus the animals. Among the outstanding wonders here is Loango National Park with its wallowing hippos, the eco-camp in Ivindo National Par renowned for its elephants and population of gorillas.

The historic cultures of the different ethnic groups together with their rituals plus traditions are all worth experiencing. The lively capital isn’t just a busy cosmopolitan center, but likewise a great place to discover the history and daily life, hosting the country’s National Museum in addition to other fascinating things you can do.

Trips into the outside welcome eco-lovers. We offer nature tours across the national parks in Gabon. Game viewing plus safaris offer visitors a peek into the abundant animal life in this country’s jungles, 20% of which are native to the area. It includes various activities such as deep forest walking trails, canoeing as well as kayaking in the exotic mangroves, fascinating beach trips, in addition to sightseeing close to the beautiful waterfalls.

The wilderness is the primary attraction, and The Wild Source providing wonderful tours in Gabon’s expansive wetlands, lagoons, savannas plus jungles. Hippo viewing and watching of whales enables you to see the Gabon’s biodiversity, whilst mandrill trekking, boating, kayaking plus bush driving will take you to the very fascinating safari locations in the country’s equatorial jungles.

For the finest safari experiences here, take a look at Africa on Safari, which focuses on large mammal drives in Gabon’s Sette Cama region. Eco-tours within the national parks are as well part of the unforgettable experience. Excursions in Loango National Park are also very rewarding, particularly for people who are interested in seeing elephants, buffaloes as well as chimpanzees freely close to the coast.

Palace Travel provides anything from game safaris to cultural tours in Gabon. They offer 4WD trips, boat trips, trekking of gorillas, as well as hiking. Crocodile plus Bird watching close to the lagoons and the rivers is likewise popular, just as walking tours to the ancient villages plus towns.

In case a real cultural experience is what you are interested in, Ngonde Tour provides a great deal of chances to discover the country’s indigenous past. Besides safaris plus nature trips, they offer tours that concentrate on art plus ancient traditions. Also Mama Tembo Tours is yet another specialist that provides cultural tours, particularly to see the Bwiti Ceremony that is up to date still practiced by the Gabonese people that comply with mystical animist values.