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Find a list of credible tour operators in Ghana.

Komo Voyages

Rue du consulat de France, Libreville Gabon
(241) Gabon Libreville, Gabon
Phone    Chef Agence: +241 01778384 Comptoir :+241 01778382 GSM: +241 07215175 / 06556813

Agence de Tourisme Bassin du Congo

Agence de Tourisme de voyage et immobilière
venez au Gabon decouvrir les merveilles naturelles du bassin du congo qui est le deuxieme poumon de la planète terre
Notre agence aide les populations dans le monde entier a obtenir une villa au Gabon, obtenir un billet d’avion et le visa leur permettant d’entrer ou de sortir du pays, découvrir par l’ entremise d’un circuit touristique, vous pouvez voir tous les animaux sauvages comme les éléphants, les gorilles , les crocodiles, les tortues marines comme la luth, les grottes, les chutes et cascades, les danses folkloriques d ‘Afrique.
Phone    +241 07 94 43 10

Eco Voyages International

Agence de voyages , de tourisme et de relations publiques Spécialiste des Voyages sur mesure et des Circuits Touristiques Accompagnés Au GABON et dans la Sous Région
Z.I Oloumi Face à petit Dubaï , Immeuble ECOBANK 2ième étage
1494 Libreville, Gabon
Phone    (+241) 06 73 62 62/ 07 43 42 94 / 05 74 65 03 / 03 40 40 11

Eurafrique Voyages

BP : 4026
Libreville, Gabon
Phone    +241 01 76 27 87
Eurafrique Voyages a ouvert ses portes en 1975, depuis presque 40 ans l’agence organise pour vous des voyages a votre image !


Visit Gabon if you are looking for just a place to rest and relaxation from the hustles of big cities and stress of every day life. Gabon holidays are ideal and welcoming to all people, both young and old. Visit the west coast beach resorts that make Gabon’s border with the ocean besides the lush green forest jungles that earned it the name- last African Eden! The growing tourism industry is significantly focusing on vibrant with conservation and eco-tourism efforts. Gabon has a good amount of attractions such as art, history and cultural in addition to safari adventure holidays.

Gabon Travel and Tours

With Gabon travel, rest assured of experiencing picturesque beauty of extensive unexplored wilderness, forests and natural diversity such as elusive forest elephants, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, mandrills and some fantastic bird life.

Gabon has more than 10 national parks, Loango National park, Lope-Okanda Reserve in close proximity to La Lope at the central plateau zone which extends further into the north and eastern borders. The central escarpment gives way to the Chaillu Mountains whose peak of Mt. Iboundji stands at 3189 ft. at the foot hills are several river streams like Ogooue that drains into the Atlantic Ocean.Ivindo riverbanks Gabon The floodplain and tropical rainforests particularly make the vast beauty of the countryside. The forest trails will take you to amazing Gabon gorilla tracking and birding experiences.

Experience solitude and privacy from the beaches of north Mayumba and south of Sette Cama. Pointe Denis and Ekwata are good for water skiing, offshore (big game) fishing plus several other water sport adventures. Enjoy night walks on the beach for the sea turtles. Diving and Fishing are also a major part of the beach, oysters, sea urchins and lobsters are part of the catch.

Libreville is the capital of Gabon both captivating and vibrant with business of the French speaking people. Visit the main city on guided tour in a car getting around its famous art galleries and museums, old building and to its craft shops or markets selling African handmade crafts and wood sculptures.

Numerous hotels and dining establishments in Libreville serve both African and continental dishes, all delicious to taste and at affordable prices. Savor the colorful night life of Libreville in its nightclubs, casinos and streets. Overnight is available from luxury/ five-star hotels, standard hotel and in budget tourist camps in major cities across Gabon. Try out the luxury facilities from Point St. Catherine beach camp, Loango lodge and Bom Bom island resort. Make your hotel and accommodation booking before you arrive in Gabon, to be on the safe side.

When to go

It is recommended that you make Gabon holiday in the dry season from May to September and then a short season from December to January. The rains come in Feb to April and shorter rains from October to November making tours quite hard especially becoming muddy and with impassable tracks and roads. The rainy season is the best time to go watching birds as many migrant species come in from neighboring countries. Because Gabon lies in the equator, temperatures are 30ºC on average during the dry season.

Gabon has 3 important airports namely; Libreville Leon M’ba International Airport, M’Vengue El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba Airport and Port-Gentil International Airport. From Europe, departure flights are from London, Italy via Rome and from Marseille, France. South Africa and Nigeria service continental arrivals for Gabon. Cheaper flights are available from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Kenya and other countries. Local connections are by Ethiopian Airlines by Addis Ababa, Air Ivoire through Abidjan, Interair South Photography equipment from Gauteng, Royal Fresh air Maroc from Casablanca, Southern African Air tract from Gauteng and Virgin mobile Nigeria from Lagos.

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