Banjul Holidays Gambia


Banjul, the chief city of Gambia and it is among the tiniest towns on the continent. This town is multi- purpose because it serves as the government seat of this country, it is the managerial city. It is found just near Rive Gambia.

Sites to view


Albert market is one place where one can go shopping and take a luxury walk from one end to the other. There are a variety of commodities from example silver Jewellery, fruits, food, clothes and all other necessities.  You will find other things like craft and they are all sold at low price. You may as well do window shopping as you plan for purchasing and remember bargaining may always take place so feel free about that.

African heritage Centre is also one other place one can view displays of various commodities and it is one of the finest shopping centers in Gambia.

People usually come to Gambia to view monuments like the Museum which is situated just next to the independence drive and there are even many other places that would be worth a visit at the same spot, for example the July 22 Arch. Here you can be in place to view various areas of the coast.



As you are going to the chief city, you can board a taxi and that will cost you some little money of which it will take you like about 20 minutes to reach Kololi and Kotu.



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