Bijilo Forest Park Gambia



Bijilo forest park occupies about 126 acres of Gambia’s land, previously it was an ancient forest but in 1991 it was declared open to the public and now visitor would enter at any time of their choice. As we talk now, the park can host around 23,000 people per annum.


This forest is a habitat to various bird species like the Grey Hornbill, Prinia, and many more types of birds, in fact they are about 133 species.

In all the beautiful parks and game reserves, there are posts of regulations and rules and one of the rules is that the monkey should not be given any thing to eat by the guests because through that, the monkeys tend to get used to people and Do away with fear. The main problem there is that the monkeys may end up being stolen and that would also distract their Natural behavior.

Travel Directions:

You can either move in straight direction southwards to and get to the main entrance, or you may head straight to through Senegambia beach area and get to the Bijilo forest.



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