Camel Riding in Gambia

There is a variety of things to take pleasure in, this may include beach barbecue, one may decide to hire a camel and ride it individually along the beach and this would really be memorable and fancy. Most of these camels are however got from countries like Senegal. In case of personal wish, one can hire a camel and is usually for one or half an hour.

The captain of the Joven Antonio is the Spaniard and he makes arrangements of the rides. He is found in Pepe’s camel safari in Tanje. He makes preparations that one camel takes two people at a time and booking are made there.


After taking a taxi, it takes you as far as the bridge and you will actually cross it as you go to Tanje and then get to the sign post which is on the left hand side of the road.


Children who are below 8 years of age are not allowed to ride camels and pregnant mothers because this would harm their health. Others who are not allowed are those who have neck and back complications.



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