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Gambia is well known for its Chimpanzee and the Rehabilitation Venture is suited approximately 270 km along the Gambia River National Park. Presently downstream from Bird safari Camp. This kind of creature was a such a long time been carted for by the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Trust and its acknowledged to be one of the Africa’s greatest and victorious venture for rehabilitating Chimpanzees in the wilderness.

A brief history about how this project come about. The venture was founded by Stella Marsden although his father played the biggest role. He was a forestry officer and an enthusiastic ecologist, thereafter become the first manager of the wildlife Section and was accountable for setting up the Abuko Nature Reserve as well as the Gambia Bee-Keeping Association.

It was during 2006 when Stella decisively gave chimp-watching tours to a few fascinated visitors in an attempt to protect the venture’s economic status.Unfortunately, Stella passed away in 2008, and the chimpanzee venture was managed by another group. A trip to Gambia will give an opportunity to see the chimpanzees in their natural setting as you navigate the river to Bird safari camp. You will definitely find out the River Circuit which is so exciting although the chances to view these familiarized chimps in a pure environmental setting may seem rare.

Safari tent &Hidden Gambia, Apart from Chimpanzees,you will be able to see other primates such as Guinea Baboons, Green Vervet (Callithrix) monkeys, Red Patas as well as Red Colobus. You will get a chance to see large concentrations of hippos staggering in the waters, furthermore Crocodiles resting on the sand bank. The African Fish Eagle usually hangs on the edge of the tree to simply scrutinize the water for any fish moving around. Palm-nut scavengers and huge numbers of Kingfishers, bee-eaters as well as herons can be easily speckled in just about fresh water riverbanks surroundings.

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