Gambia National Parks

National Parks

Gambia’s total land area is occupied by national parks, nature reserves, and many other things. These occupy about 3.5% of the total land which is 38,000 ha. Out of the one and the 7 nature reserves and national parks, the following are the most protected sites; Kiang West National reserve (1987), Nuimi National Park {1986) Baobolon national park (1996), Abuko Nature Reserve, River Gambia National Reserve and many others. However, Abuko Nature Reserve, Tanji, and Kiang are the only ones open to the public and this is due to the fact that management wants to protect the biodiversity of these sites.


Way back in 1916 Abuko was offered government protection and declared a nature reserve and a water catchment. There protection system dates from then.

In order to expand the general area covered by the managed forests to at least 30%, and to put 200,000 of land  under community forest management after developing about  17,000 ha. Of the forest park, there was an establishment of a fresh forestry policy from 1995 to 2005 under the department of parks. Here they ensured that at least 75% of the forests are in the protection line of Forest management principles.



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