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Rice and Benachin are the customary foods of Gambia are usually prepared in homes especially rice which is the staple along side various spiced sources. Besides that, steamed millet, couscous, cassava is also eaten. The ingredients for this variety of dishes are either peanut butter paste (Domoda), ladies fingers (Okra), palm oil (chew deu terr) or edible leaves such as spinach or cassava leaves.

Some people in Gambia take Rice and peanuts plus yoghurt or tined milk for breakfast, while the modernized ones take bread and butter. However, most of these people find lunch as the most significant meal of the day.

Rice is the main staple food of Gambia and it usually accompanied with fish, beef, peanut, goats meat and many others. This whole combination is normally matched with   vegetables, spices and sometimes peanut butter. Pork is NOT on the menu because 90 percent of Gambians are

Muslims; however, it is available for Christians in many supermarkets and from specialized pig breeders.

In most cases, lunch is delivered in the usual dishes and people usually sit on either the wooden stools or on the floor. Hands you be washed fast before eating and you should always use you right hand to eat even if some modern people use spoons and forks.

Fried fish, beef, chicken and other fried snacks are normally taken during supper time with onions. These may then be served with salad and / or bread or couscous.

Due to the fact that most Gambians consume foods that are luxury, it has brought about a lot of health problems that may also bring about diseases like Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and many others.

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