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Local Restaurants

The country’s most concentration is put on the country resorts where people go for refreshment and then put some thing in there stomachs, this may after along tour or even one just decides to go out there for a worm up. The most famous resorts in Gambia are Cape point, Kololi, Bakau, kotu and many other areas. Most of these nice restaurants ant resorts are however found in the capital city (Banjul).

Here by supporting the local based resorts and restaurants it brings about development in the country because the money that is got from the tourists can always be brought back in the  home economy and besides that one can really take good pleasure in the Gambian dishes offered plus all the other international meals.

Recommendation for eating out


Remember whenever you go to any diplomatic restaurant, you are always ushered by a member of staff of that restaurant and then you are greeted so please endeavor to respond.

Some times it is due to the fact people always in a hurry that they do not even enjoy the meals and end up in a state where they do not find the value of their expenditure. . Here the attendants will always ask for preference, whether you want the meals to be parked or eat from there.

When you go to the restaurants, you are expected to polite to the attendant since they are also human and Understanding, there are some times when people expose ignorance by hissing, shouting  “Boy” and this is really lack of etiquette.

Just in case you a lady or gentleman of class and you happen to bump in to a partner who does any of the above mentioned symptoms of ignorance, just find your way out and save your self from embarrassments.

You can always get all types of food like Buffet from restaurants in the likes of “Al Amir” and “Mama’s” as you also get exposed to a variety both local and international dishes.

It is usually fine to ask for any thing as many times as you can because you will not be called a glutton..

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