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Gambia Visa Requirements:

Just in case one is not going to exceed 90days of holiday or business trip and provided that person comes from one of common wealth countries, UK, EU, ECOWAS, no visas will be asked for on entry to the country.

Flights to Banjul
For all the members opting to come to Banjul, you should have valid passports, and then a visa that has one blank page whether you have come for business or just a vacation. This will all be required before you get a stump on entry.

Visas are usually available at the Gambian embassies in London, Washington, Paris, Brussels and many other towns. Every one is required to have a visa as long as your country was not mentioned among the above in paragraph one. You are required to also carry your vaccination documents of yellow fever.

Last Minute Arrivals:
Entry can be permitted in to the country but on reaching Banjul, handing in of the passports will be required as long as you need the visa and it should be done just within 48 hours.

Length of Authorized Stay:
Usually the visitor is assigned the number of days to stay in the country via the Airport’s immigration control. The days of stay may go from 15 to 21 days. This can be evidenced when the traveler’s passport is stamped with a visa that authorizes one to stay for that period of time.

Incase of any wishes to extend your time, just contact the Banjul immigration offices on (220 4227249). However for those who would wish go for a month and more, the maximum should three months and for each month you add the fee is D520.

Take Note:
Before you leave your country, remember to always take consultation about the rules and regulations of Gambia because these rules never change. Ensure that you do it in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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