Pirang Forest National Park

Pirang Forest National Park lies to the south east of Banjul Airport and north east of the village of Pirang. It covers an area of 158 acres of mature gallery forest. Largely it is protected by the local (the Pirang Bonto Eco-tourism Community Project) community as a preserve for the practice of traditional community ceremonies and rites.

Most of the shrubs and many trees are used in traditional medicine as local knowledge in the village about herbal remedies goes back many years.


Part of the diverse natural habitat features the shrimp farm’s ponds which are on the southern banks of the Gambia River which is home to water birds as well as woodland species further south in the mighty forest canopy (which can grow as high as 30 metres) and rice fields. Some of the bird species that can be spotted within the park are the African Spoonbill, Namaqua Dove, Crested Lark and the Quail Finch.

Travel Information

The forest can be reached in less than 1 hour from the coastal resorts of Kololi and Kotu.



The nearest option for safari and holiday accommodation is Mandina Lodge.



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