River Gambia National Park

This Gambia national park is a complex of five islands in the river Gambia thus sometimes referred to as the Baboon Island. Each of the islands is covered in thick forest, swamps, savannah and marsh for the shores.

Since its establishment in 1978, the park has several functions in conservation of wildlife in Gambia. Some of the projects undertaken at the park include Chimpanzee rehabilitation and conservation of the endangered hippos in West Africa

Location-this park is located in the central river district only 300km upstream of the Gambia on the road from Banjul. The nearest towns to the park include Kuntaur, George town and Janjangbureh


The islands are home to more than 50 chimpanzees which are protected in the Chimpanzee rehabilitation Project. These chimps live on 3 islands and survive in 4 habituated groups. Other animals in the park include cape clawless otter, genet, nile crocodile, ratel, aardvark, serval, western baboon, warthog, green vervet monkey, Maxwells’ duiker red colobus monkey, hippos, bush buck, Grimm’s duiker, western African manatee. Reptiles recorded in the park include snakes, lizards and others.

More than 200 birds enjoy the island habitat with regular sights like cormorants, fish eagles, egrets, sacred ibis, heron, weavers, doves and many others.

Tourist Attraction

Besides the wildlife, there is time to visit the Chimpanzee rehabilitation camp on the banks of the river that was established in 1969. Here you’ll get all the information on the chimpanzee rehabilitation project and also take part in a few activities.

Boating trips on the river are exciting in the dry season May to October and later during the rainy season of November to April



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