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When we talk about ‘golfing in Africa’, it goes beyond the renowned beautiful gold courses in South Africa. Today, I am proud to inform you that there are more than eight hundred (800) beautiful golf courses and the most amazing thing of golfing down in Africa is that you can easily combine this vacation with a beach holiday or a wildlife viewing safari, or a hiking adventure to one of its amazing mountains. Furthermore, there are exclusive nice resorts for accommodation with sweeping views over the stunning green courses, with waterholes lined with beautiful palms and other amazing tree species. Indeed I see no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a golfing vacation with countries like Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Mauritius and Morocco currently with very good reputations as golfing destinations. Below, I bring you the best destinations to enjoy a golfing vacation in Africa.

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Golf Courses in Africa

  1. The Cascades at Soma Bay – Egypt

The Cascades at Soma Bay Golf and Country Club is a beautiful haven to enjoy a golfing vacation. It was designed by Gary Player an international legend and it’s the number one championship course across the Middle East. It has an eighteen (18) hole, par seven second (72) course as well as a gold academy with professionals from the Professional Golfers Association, and offers breathtaking views of the verdant fairway that offer a great contrast with the clear blue waters of the Red sea and the rugged desert. Beyond Europe, the Cascades Golf has been ranked as the best – number one golf course in the whole world and has ranked in this position for four consecutive years.

The gold course has a number of manmade lakes as well as beautiful palm trees that dot its fairways, green side bankers and the wide sand desert for those who stray off.

  1. Gary Player Golf Course, Sun City – South Africa

Of the two beautiful courses found within Sun City that were designed by Gary Player is the GPCC – Gary Player Country Club a better option of the two.  For the past thirty two years in the month of December, it has hosted the Nedbank Golf Challenge an event that invites twelve golfers on a million dollar challenge. several stars like Tiger Wood, Seve Ballesteros, Sergio Garcia, Player, Ernie Els, Jack Nicklaus, Jim Furyk as well as  have participated in this high-status tournament so once you play here, you will be following the steps of great players.

Professional golfers can play this course from a shocking eight thousand yard par seventy two but other players can play from different tees ranging from 5,881 to 6,535 yards.  There are various challenges offered on the course including 5 water hazards, very many small and large bunkers in addition to numerous elevation changes. The perfect surfaces for playing are provided by the bent green grass as well as the Kikuyu fairways.

  1. Heritage Golf Club – Mauritius

Today, Mauritius prides in seven (7) amazing championship golf courses with another to be constructed soon. Among these the Heritaje Gold Club which was designed by Peter Matkovich is the best. It measures over seven thousand (7,000) yards, par seven second (72) starting from the back-tees. You will enjoy sweeping views over the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean while at holes 1-5, 17-18 and 7-9 that rise up into the lower slopes of Bel Ombre found on the island’s southern side. There are manmade lakes that challenge golfers on the eighteenth, thirteenth, eleventh and ninth holes.

the beauty of this beautiful yet challenging golf course is enhanced by the rocks which have been strategically places as well as the course signage engraved on rocks. There is a lavish club-house for the golfers where they can unwind at the end of their rounds.

designer Matkovich created an amazing sense of liberty and space by making use of the Available space and placing the holes far spaced from each other despite the fact that wayward shots may quickly be swallowed up by the thriving vetiver grass found around most of the fairways of the different tree species that include palms, mango trees and papaya that form a small jungle close to a number of holes.

Some of the addition amenities found at Heritage Golf Course include facilities for practicing which include a nine (9) hole, par three (3) course, a short game area as well as a driving range that is double ended.  Not far from the golf course are two executive luxury hotels that include the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort and the Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort which can be accessed by simply crossing to the other side of the road.

  1. Leopard Rock Golf Resort – Zimbabwe

the Leopard Rock Golf Resort is situated in the verdant subtropical environment approximately one hundred and eighty miles on the south eastern side of Harare (the capital city of Zimbabwe) was opened up in 1993  and it is one of the thirty golf courses found in Zimbabwe. it was designed by Matkovich, and according to the ratings of the ‘Golf Digest’, it was ranked as the leading golf course in Zimbabwe. It measures six thousand seven hundred and twenty four yards, par 72; it fairways are lined by numerous trees. This amazing golf course has been created in the middle of a thick woodland right at the bottom of the Leopard Rock Mountain. Considering the fact that it’s found at the foothill, it presents several elevation changes which present as challenges on a number of holes. The other challenges presented on Leopard Rock Golf include Rocky outcrops found close to the fairways, ravines, and several water features. This beautiful work of art has several wild orchids and tree ferns in addition to numerous plant species that are indigenous to this part of the country, not forgetting the impressive variety of birds here as well.

  1. Le Touessrok on Ile Aux Cerfs Island – Mauritius

Located on a private island – lle Aux Cerfs along the eastern coast of Mauritius, Le Touessrok is another amazing golf course worth visiting on your golfing vacation in Africa. The golf course is among the very few in Africa which cannot be accessed by road but rather by helicopter of boat.

Measuring seven thousand one hundred and fifteen (7,115) yards, par seven second (72) from the back-tees, this golf course was designed by Bernhard Langer. A number of its holes are places close to the white beach sand with clear blue waters of the vast Indian Ocean nearby. The course is a very impressive piece of art that includes several types of exotic plant and animal species such as the red cardinals normally seen flying within the vicinity. As part of its challenges are the numerous volcanic rock outcrops encountered on different holes, the water hazards that test gofers accuracy for the thirteenth hole, mangrove swamps as well as bunkers strategically placed.

  1. Flamingo Golf Course, Monastir – Tunisia

Situated about less than 5 kilometers inland from Monastir city found on the western coast of the Mediterranean Sea, this is a six thousand six hundred and ninety eight yard, par seven second (72) course found in Tunisia, and was designed by Ronald Fream. Golfers play over hills and crests and is situated on a plateau having fairways lined with olive trees.

The golfers’ strength and ability is put to test by the numerous long holes such as the 447 yard, par 42 as well as the 578 yard, par 76 as they play in existing very strong winds especially up the plateau. luckily a range of tees enable you to “play it forward” and several holes, like the hole 6, can be reduced by nearly 50 yards especially if you select the correct tees. The lavish club house offers beautiful views extending as far as the Mediterranean.

  1. Mazagan Golf Club, El Jadida – Morocco

Opened back in 2009, the Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort was designed by Gary Player a renowned South African designer and it has been voted by the ‘Golf Digest’ a Moroccan magazine as the number one golf course in the country. Designer Player created it as a links course that extends along the sand dunes and the beach along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a seven second (72) course stretching on an area of seven thousand four hundred and eighty four (7,484) yards measuring from the back tees.

The numerous sets of tees enable ordinary golfers to play the course at distances varying from 6,142 to 6,647yards. The constant beauty of the golf course can be greatly credited to the great management of Troon Golf Company as well as the agronomy team of the golf course.

The major challenge presented here to golfers is the blowing wind from the nearby Atlantic Ocean which at times can be extremely strong. There are also several deep bankers, nasty rough links and sand dunes are some of the other challenges here.

  1. Fancourt Links – South Africa

Fancourt Links Course was voted among the top golfers’ courses in South Africa by the renowned magazine – ‘Golf Digest’ at the start of the year. Its affiliated courses – the Outeniqua and the Montagu were also rated among the top twenty courses in South Africa by the ‘Golf Digest’. These three courses where designed by renowned South African designer Gary Player. Fancourt Links was opened back in 2000 whereas the other two were opened much earlier in the 1990s.

it has six thousand nine hundred and nineteen (6,919) yards, par seven second(72) measuring from the club tees, on several occasions the links course has been extended to seven thousand five hundred and thirty five (7,535) yards measuring from the back tees that way accommodating some of the best players in the world.

The President Cup was hosted here back in 2003 and it ended in a legendary ties following impressive play offs between Ernie Els and Tiger Wood. Among the other main championships that were hosted here were the Women’s Golf World Cup back in 2005, in 2006 the South African Open and then the Volvo-Golf Champions tournament in 2012 on the European Tour. Residents staying at Fancourt Resort are the only ones allowed to play at the course.

  1. Windhoek Golf and Country Club – Namibia

Covering an area of seventy two (72) hectares of bushveld the Windhoek Golf & Country Club is found in Namibia. Too many holidaymakers, when we talk about golfing in Africa, Namibia never crosses their mind. However, this country found in the southern part of Africa has fifteen (15) courses and the ‘Golf Digest’ a renowned magazine voted the Windhoek Golf & Country Club as the best of the eighteen (18) holes. The course is located on the outskirts of Namibia’s capital city and measures six thousand six hundred and seventy five (6,675) yards, par seven first (71) with verdant fairways that wind through the beautiful trees.

Some of the challenges offered on this course include trees, wetlands and a number of bunkers which come into play on a number of holes. There is a lavish four star beautiful resort hotel that is affiliated to the golf club where holidaymakers will be able to enjoy their stay during their golfing vacation in Namibia.

  1. Lemuria Golf Course – Seychelles

Located within the Seychelles on Praslin island within Lemuria Resort is the Lemuria Golf Course which covers five thousand, eight hundred and twenty seven (5,827) yard, par seventieth (70), and it is the only 18 hole course found on the Seychelles archipelago on the Indian Ocean. With sand and water among the other challenges presented to golfers here, the fairways become narrower and more difficult. The other six (6) holes are higher on the hills of the Islands offering breathtaking views of the entire course, the islands away in a distance.

Currently the highest recorded number of balls lost in a single round is forty (40), for that reason we recommend that you take enough balls with you for your game. This Lemuria Golf Course is one of the most unique and beautiful courses you can ever play while in Africa and the whole world at large.

What to pack on a Golfing Tour in Africa

When we talk about golfing, it’s not just carrying your clubs to the course. As many golfers will agree with me, if you don’t pack appropriately preferably while following a packing list, it is very possible to forget some vital items that you would need which will definitely affect your gold game.

To be able to fit well in a round of golf, it is important that you have all you necessary equipment and gold clubs well packed. Irrespective of whether you are a fairly new player or an experienced golfer, poor decisions together with forgetfulness can turn out to be really expensive. Below we have highlighted a checklist you can follow while packing for golfing tour in Africa

Golf shoes plus additional spikes

Golf clubs plus head covers

Golf balls and tees

Divot tool

Golf gloves

Hat or visor

Water bottle

Range finder with a fully charged battery

Lip balm



Cell phone in silent mode

Rain poncho

Bug spray

What Not to Bring on a Golf Course

Considering that you are now aware of the items you can carry with you for your round, there are a number of items that you should never bring on the course. Fortunately most tournaments release a list of items that are prohibited. Below we have listed some of these items.

Bags bigger than a small purse (they should not be bigger than 6 X 6)


Metals, containers, glass or plastic cups (except those carrying your medication or needs for infants)


Any kind of Pets except service animals

Banners or signs


Video cameras

Large chairs with broad armrests



Etiquette to follow while Golfing

Below we offer you some of the basic etiquette that should be adhered to during your golfing game.

Do not ask for an autograph from a competitor while they have already entered a practice area, or after they have moved from the scorer’s area. There are particular areas put aside for autographs

Never use offensive language on the course. There may be children around and even other adults may get offended.

Don’t attempt talking directly with players while on the course. Encouraging words and cheers are allowed however don’t start conversations with players.

If a player is preparing to make his shot, please do not talk, laugh or even walk. These actions are not only distracting but irritating to many players.

Jeering or pointing at a player is highly prohibited and considered extremely rude. Try to cheer the golfer once they make their shot.

If a player is preparing to make his shot, please do not talk, laugh or even walk. These actions are not only distracting but irritating to many players.

Avoid offering game advise to players while on course; the competitors will in most cases have a better idea of what to do next than you.

Never touch a ball; once in a while, shots may go out of limits and come to where you may be.

Do not move, laugh, or talk when a player is preparing for their shot. Many players find these actions to be annoying and distracting.

Refrain from saying negative comments towards any of the competitor. Remember, friend and family members of the golfer could be close by

In case they are serving alcohol, please drink responsibly as intoxicated spectators are usually request to go.

Avoid smoking while in the gallery. If you must, please excuse yourself and head out side and face the direction where the wind is blowing. Most golfers agree with me that it is very irritating to smell cigarette smoke as you calculate your shot.

During the evening – afternoon session, be watchful for you shadow and avoid casting it on the golfer’s line-of-sight. Also avoid any unnecessary movements that may block the view of other spectators behind you.

What Should Women Wear for Golfing?

Its common practice that women enjoy dressing up for all occasions, but golf is a civilized, elegant sport and the environment in which it’s conducted is very quiet and reticent. This should be well reflected even in the attires worn by spectators. Please dress in a comfortable and modest yet classy way. We advise against wearing tight fitting, skimpy and bright colored clothing.

Because the sport generally involves a lot of walking on the side of the spectators through grass and occasionally made to see the participants, we advise that you wear comfortable flat shoes, or beautiful tennis shoes or sandal. In case you must wear heals, then ensure that they possess a wedge heel. Do not wear flip flops to avoid any instances of spraining your ankle, or distracting the competitors since they are very loud.

Wear a reasonable amount of make up; remember excessive makeup doesn’t do well especially during outdoor activities particularly under hot weather. Instead for a fresh beautiful look apply your sunscreen plus a light layer of make-up.

To protect your face from the sun, we recommend that you wear visor or a wide-brimmed hat

What Should Men Wear for Golfing?

Just as for women, men should avoid being overly casual in clothes like cut-offs, tee shirts, jeans and tank tops. a typical male spectator should wear an outfit comprised of a pair of nice shorts / khahi with a  golf shirt. Alternatively, you can settle for a button down oxford shirt either short or long sleeved.

Avoid flashy colors and always choose neutral colors. The flashy colors may not only distract the competitors but the audience watching on television as well.

Always opt for solid colors over prints or loud strips as they give a better look.

Wear a belt on your shorts and have your shirt well Tucked in at all times.

a number of clubhouses have stringent policies regarding the dress code and require that men wear shirts with collars;  something similar to a polo shirt.

It is prohibited to advertise you favorite team on any of your clothing.

opt for a pair of comfortable tennis shoes other than the golf spikes for your own comfort.