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Birding In Gombe

Birds of Gombe National Park

Gombe Stream has nearly 200 species of bird listed. The majority of them are actually forest birds, that are quite challenging to see, especially since guests are not allowed to walk in the forest without guide, and yet most of the guided walks are focused on chimpanzees. The lake shore is a wonderful place to see the fish eagles as well as the palmnut vultures hovering on the palm trees. The Peter’s twinspot, a generally hard to pin down forest bird, is easily domesticated and normally seen around the camp. From November up to April, you will be rewarded with views of various Migratory birds
Notable birds

The Common African fish eagle

The Common Palm-nut vulture The Common

Livingstone’s turaco

Tropical boubou

The Common Paradise flycatcher

Rufous sparrow which is Endemic to Kenya and Tanzania

Birding specials

African broadbill

Black swaw-wing

Crowned eagle

Double-toothed barbet

Golden-rumped tinker bird

Livingstone’s turaco

Palm-nut vulture

Peter’s twinspot

Red-capped robin-chat

Red-chested cuckoo

Ross’s turaco

Rufous sparrow

Best time for bird viewing

Bird watching in Gombe Stream is amazing throughout the year; however it is at its best from the month of November up to April as the migratory birds coming from Europe as well as the northern part of Africa arrive. The resident species begin Nesting almost at the same time therefore it is really easy to see the birds while in breeding plumage. On the other hand, from March up to April the rains make it really challenging to see the birds since most of the forest trails slippery. Chimpanzee tracking is more rewarding during the dry season, start from June up to October, as they are less challenging to find.

Best parks for bird watching

All the renowned safari parks provide amazing opportunities for watching birds and also  specials may easily be seen almost everywhere you go. Arusha National Park which is usually overlooked offers a wonderful variety of habitats and prides in an overwhelming list of approximately 400 species living within its small area. Also Lake Manyara presents a great diversity of water associated bird species.


This is smallest of National Park in Tanzania, Gombe Stream is a narrow strip of very old forest spanning the sheer slopes plus the river valleys which border the sandy northern shore of the renowned Lake Tanganyika, approximately 25 kilometers from the town of Kigoma.

Within the Gombe Stream, the chimpanzees are the major attraction. These amazing mammals are habituated to be visited by humans and were actually made famous by the ground-breaking work of Dr. Jane Goodall, who established a research program in 1960 which today stands as the longest enduring study of this kind in the whole world.

Most of the wild animals found within Gombe Stream National Park are primates. However besides the renowned chimpanzees, you may as well sight some olive baboons, which are as well under study ever since the 1960s, and are uniquely habituated. You will also be able to see the red tailed monkeys together with the red colobus monkeys. The colobus monkeys are often hunted by the chimpanzees and it is for that reason that they normally stay up in the trees within the forest.

In addition, leopards and bushbuck are residents within the thick forest, together with the fish eagles plus Palm-nut vultures that are normally seen hovering overhead.
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