Conakry photoGuinea from West Africa is one of the spectacular undiscovered destinations in Africa. This country is often confused with it neighbor Guinea Bissau in the north. For easier distinction, Guinea is commonly referred to as Guinea Conakry, Conakry being its capital city and the largest city.

On its borders are Senegal, Mali and Guinea Bissau in the north; to the south is Ivory Coat, Sierra Leone and Liberia while the Atlantic Ocean shares much of its western border.

Like other West African countries, Guinea was colonized by the French and attained independence in October 1958. Once one of the biggest kingdoms from West Africa, Guinea is home to 3 major ethnic groups-Fula, Mandika and the Susu. The official language is French although different tribes have indigenous languages and sometimes use sign language

Tourist Attractions

Despite its unique beauty and magnificence, Guinea is rarely visited by tourists. The government has not invested much in the tourism industry but there are a few sights to enjoy in Conakry and other towns in Guinea. Some of the sights in Conakry include the Grand Mosque which is the largest mosque in West Africa, Camp Biro a monument raised president Sekou Toure, Palais des Nations and the different craft shops.

The mountain ranges of the Fouta Djjallon and Mount Nimba are the source of many of the rivers that flow in Western Africa. Senegal, Niger and the Gambia rivers are said to originate from these mountains plus other streams that flow to the Atlantic.

There are no many beaches in Guinea but Cape Verga located a few kilometers from Conakry is worth a holiday adventure.

Conakry photoThe country is rich in minerals by the sea and on land. Bauxite, gold, aluminum, diamond and Oil are some of the minerals discovered in this unspoilt wilderness. Many companies from America, Australia Asia and Europe have invested in the mining industry in Guinea but the rampant corruption and selfish interests have tied the country in poverty! You can however stop by one of the mines in the country side for a look at rural living.

Some of the wildlife in Guinea can be found in Bossou forest and the forest classee de ziama. These animals include chimpanzees, forest elephants

Travel Information

The rainy season in Guinea Conakry is July to October. The best time to visit Guinea at the end of the Year when the weather is warm and the roads are firm after a few months of sunshine.

Guinea is easily accessed through its borders by land, sea and Air. Flights to Conakry are received at Conakry International Airport. There are direct flights to Europe Paris with Air France, SN Brussels and other west African destinations such as Abidjan, Accra, Bamako, Bissau, Dakar and Freetown among others.

Travel by road is by taxis and long route buses from all the neighboring countries. Some roads are gravel while others still remain dusty. Conakry is also the port town of Guinea and receives cargo and passengers from Freetown, Mali and Bamako

AccommodationConakry photo

Overnight accommodation and dinner is available in Conakry. A few of the hotel in Conakry Guinea include Hotel Camayenne, Central hotel, hotel Cesar, Golf Hotel Conakry and Hotel du Niger among many others. You’ll also find guesthouses, private residences and other budget options.

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