What Places to Visit on a Holiday in Guinea  Bissau

There are quite a number of tourist attraction found in Guinea Bissau which have allured quite a number of tourists into the country. The country prides in its ancient Portuguese architecture, vibrant nightlife, its rich cultural heritage and the yummy cuisines. Below is a list of the top tourist attractions that can be found in Guinea Bissau.

National Parks

Ilhas-de-OrangoGuinea Bissau has a diverse flora and astonishing wildlife which is also comprised of a number of different species of birds.  The country has a number of demarcated locations in which its natural wealth is being preserved demarcated as National Parks, protected Areas, and Biosphere Reserves. The country also has a marine park in which you can find a diversity of marine life. Ilhas de Orango and Dulombi are the two National Parks while Parc Naturael des Mangroves de Cacheu is a Natural Park also worth touring. The country also has a UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve called the Archipel de Bolama.


Bissau is the capital city of Guinea Bissau and is the chief administrative centre in the country. The rural city has stunning colonial architecture plus a number of attractions like the beaches, the Museum of Artifacts called Forteza d’Amura, a cultural site known as Pidjiguiti and the scenic sight of the gently flowing river Geba. The city has a number of winding streets plus houses constructed in the Mediterranean style which are all worth touring.

 Museum of African Artefacts

Taking a tour to the well stocked Museum of African Artefacts will certainly be an exciting experience. The Museum is treasure world filled with splendid work of: traditional pottery, basket-ware, sculpture and weaving. It is a place that you can see the genuine African work.

Bolama Bubaque

The Bolama Bubaque is quite fascinating site with numerous ruins that hold a very significant yet distinctive past. The area is surrounded by an unspoilt naturally beautiful terrain which further adds glamour to the site. Unfortunately there are limited accommodation services but the area is also ideal for camping.

Shopping in Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau has a number of market centers plus supermarkets that offer a variety of items for sale. One of the most exciting activities you can get involved in while in the country is shopping. There are several items like African crafts and woodcarvings from which you can choose a souvenir for yourself.


Guinea Bissau is generally renowned as a country whose people are passionate about having fun, being entertained and partying. There are a number live music venues, bars and nightclubs together with discotheques. Additionally are a number of restaurants that operate all through the night.

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