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is a small coastal country just to the South of Senegal and Guinea to the north east. This small nation has long been visited by foreign tourist, first the Portuguese colonialists who enjoyed the river and coastal region and beaches. Its warm climate remains a major inviting factor to different travellers from all over the world, all year long.

Guinea Bissau Attractions

Guinea-Bissau’s beaches, culture, traditions, people and wildlife are exceptional something to gladly enjoy on your

Guinea Bissau holiday

. Culture and diverse traditions are part of celebrated things in the country, music and art form West Africa is unique and enjoyed all through the world. Enjoy the rhythms from the calabash used in the local Gumbe music genres, Tinga and others played for all ceremonies be it funerals.

Thousands of birds and mammals are found in Cantanhez Natural Park in Jemberem Forest and also from the wildlife breeding river Zoo farm. Regular sights include monkeys, chimpanzees among others.

City tours to Bissau the capital are quite relaxing taking you back the years of colonialism with Mediterranean architecture on its winding streets. There are many beautiful museums and art galleries in Bissau. See the different artifacts that are housed in the museums of the capital.  Bafata town from Rio Geba, Bolama and Cacheu are some of the interesting town, Cacheu is particularly famous as a long lost salve trading town. Visit the different city and town markets in each of the places you visit.

Bijagos islands

are part of must see places with around 20 beautiful islands in untouched beauty. For years the archipelago is fort for

Guinea Bissau eco tourism

. You’ll find schools of hippos, migrant sharks, manatees, sea turtles breeding grounds and other ruins on the islands declared UNESCO world heritage site. Other national parks in Ginea Bissau include Iihas de Morange Park, Joao Vieira e Poilao marine park and Lagoa de Cufada park.

The landscapes in embedded in stretches of water bodies and falls like Farim River and Saltinho waterfalls and beautiful Varela beach. There is a vast expanse covered in tropical forest, mangrove swamps a habitat for many swamp endemic birds and amphibic wildlife. On the coast, you can find fishing villages surrounded by forests, whereas further inland the country is dry and dusty.

Travel and flights to Guinea Bissau

One of the popular Airports is the

Osvaldo Vieira International Airport

servicing most of the international flights into the main capital Bissau from all over the world. Some of the airlines companies serving the Osvaldo Vieira International Airport are Air Senegal International, TAP Portugal and TA Cape Verde Airlines with daily flights to neighboring towns like Dakar.

There are weekly

Guinea Bissau flights

to Portugal and Lisbon. The other popular Airports in Guinea Bissau is the Bubaque Airport located in Bubaque islands and Cufar  airport.

To choose

cheap flights to Guinea Bissau

check for online travel agents and book your flights. Direct

Guinea Bissau flights

from Europe and other major towns around the world are not available but you can connect through Dakar Senegal, Ghana or Nigeria and some other neighboring towns.

You can travel to Guinea Bissau by road from Senegal from Ziguinchor or Serrekunda from Gambia and connect to Bissau. The journey is quite tedious however and may last up to 6 hours using 4WD vehicles or bus. There are boats that ply the sea route from Dakar Senegal to Bissau and between the mainland and Bijagos Island

Guinea Bissau hotels

and accommodation can be booked on your Guinea Bissau holidays package inclusive of flights and transfers on tours.

Guinea Bissau Luxury hotels

include Bissau Palace Hotel resort, Hotel 24 Setembro Bissau, Hotel Malaika, Grande Bissau hotel and many others. You’ll find unparalleled comfort, luxury hotel rooms, entertainment, well stocked bars, excellent restaurants, swimming pool and other facilities to enjoy.

Some of the top

Budget Hotels in Guinea Bissau

are Casino and the Ta Mar, Monte Carlo Apparthotel, Grande Hotel and Pensao Central each with spacious rooms, iconic views from the hotel rooms, telephone services and other facilities. Accommodation should be booked in advance.