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This national park is found in Equatorial Guinea and is the sole protected national park in the country found in the southern province of Mount Alen centre. The park lies on the foot slopes of the Monte Alen and Monte Mira-a small mountain range on the Niefang that is 1200m above sea level.

The park is a dense rain forest that covers an estimated 1600sq km. The park is bordered by the large and fast-flowing Uoro river to the west, while the main road from Niefang to Gabon forms the eastern boundary. There are no natural savannas, although some small areas of exposed rock with low bush occur locally near the summit; one small lake (Lake Atoc) is entirely surrounded by forest.Another interesting sight in the park is the waterfalls on Uoro and Lana rivers.

monte alen national park guinea

Wildlife Tours in Monte Allen National Park Guinea

Despite its small surface area, the park is habitat to more than 105 species of mammals, including more than 16 types of primates: 3800 gorillas, 1600 chimpanzees,65 reptiles, 55 amphibians and 65 aquatic life. Examples of the mammals in the park besides the lowland gorillas include crocodiles, colobus monkeys, leopards,

Some of the birds in the park include duck, guinea fowl, spot-breasted ibis, tiger-heron, Afep pigeon, hawk eagle, flufftail, sparrow hawk, grey parrot, black-collared lovebird, swift, kingfisher, blue throated roller, spinetail, wood dove, cuckoo, bee-eater, hornbill, tinkerbird, barbet, flycatcher,  west African batis, sunbird, orange weaver, Malimbe and others. This park is an Important Bird Area with more than 2300 birds-both residents and migrants from all over Africa.


The trails are generally well maintained and accessible, but hiking in the park can be hot, slippery and strenuous – stock up on water, dry clothes and other supplies. To see gorillas you generally need to go on a longer trek to stay at Esamalan Camp within Monte Alen. From there you take a six to eight hour walk to Lac Atoc, where elephants, sitatungas, buffalo, mandrils and other primates reside.

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