Sehlabathebe National Park

This Lesotho National park happens to be one of the National parks in the Kingdom in the Sky covering more than 650sq km at a height of 2400m on a plateau stretching from the borders of South Africa. The high altitude park is associated with towering rocks, small lakes and greenery-forests, savannah grasslands and exotic Cape alpine species of plants.

There are several species of animals, birds and fishes in the waters of River Tsoelikana and in the dams.There are some hardy mountain buck to be seen, as well as small mammals, a wealth of birdlife, and a diverse Cape alpine flora. Of particular interest is a small minnow-like fish that was thought to be extinct, but has been rediscovered in the upper reaches of the River.


Trout Fishing is only done below the Tsoelikane Falls on the river and in the nearby water dams. Fishing was begun by the Prime Minister of Lesotho at the time, Leabua Jonathan who liked staying in the park too.

Hiking is a worthy adventure in the park while pony trekking makes views of the lush park better. Pony trekking is offered at the lodge in the park for 2-day trails to Bushman’s Nek and to the waterfalls for the evening and early mornings.

Sehlabathebe National Park is great with photographic safaris. Your pictures are caught with Sandstone arches, rock pool reflections, views of the ‘Three Bushman’ – the prominent peaks  and the escarpment.


There is a safari lodge in the park called Jonathan’s Lodge. It was named after the Prime Minister of Lesotho, Leabua Jonathan who often used to stay there during his fishing adventures.  The lodge offers activities like trout fishing, pony trekking and guided hiking adventures.

Bob Philips Campsite is another options for accommodation situated near the Matebeng Pass on the Thaba Tseka Side and is a great place to overnight en-route to Sehlabathebe National Park.



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