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Best 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Africa

When we talk about going on a honeymoon, what crosses your mind? is it the amazing wildlife safaris; or the out-of-the-way less crowded beautiful beaches; or a variety of stunning natural landscapes comprising of legendary rocky mountain summits, breathtaking pristine islands or the beautiful red sand dune, not to forget a great diversity and blend of culture and  heritage; plus giant free standing pyramids? Well, if your answer is yes to any of the above mentioned; then think no further than having your honeymoon in Africa. This amazing continent will reward you with a blend of romance, adventure, culture, beauty, unmatched hospitality and above all – privacy.honeymoon safaris africa

Africa offers an overabundance of different honeymoon destinations ranging from the innumerable heritage sites, adventurous wildlife habitats, isolated beautiful white-sand beaches to the vibrant and modern cities, too many that it may become very challenging to make your choice. At the end of the day, it all zeros down to the preferences of the couple going on honeymoon. In this article we bring you some of these honeymoon destinations that you should put into consideration for your honeymoon. However as a tip, we highly recommend that you choose a theme for you honeymoon, say a beach honeymoon, or a culture and heritage tour honeymoon or a wildlife safari honeymoon. So here is our list:

Seychelles Island Holidays Praslin

seychelles honeymoon holidays

The Seychelles is popular for its epic luxury and romantic beauty and today is ranked as the best honeymoon destination in the whole of Africa. It prides of beautiful beaches with pure white sand that are met with the peaceful clean turquoise waters of the Indian ocean; and super luxury hotels and resorts that offer the best experience for newlyweds beginning a long life together. Talk about anything you can ever wish for on your honeymoon it be airy pristine beaches, very hospitable people, exquisite beauty, mouthwatering cuisine, or a vibrant carnival like place, well, you will find all this in the Seychelles.

Seychelles is a beautiful recreational area comprised of 115 islands that are scattered on the Indian Ocean. These are characterized by blossoming vegetation, some of the rarest plant and animal species, exotic beaches as well as fine resorts. so if you wish to laze around the pristine beaches, or go snorkeling, or swing in a hammock, or cuddle, or search for the giant tortoises which once in a while  stroll in the area for your honeymoon, then the Seychelles s the right place for you. All this beauty can best be seen on the beautiful Praslin Island which despite its beauty and perfection is not very populates. It has unspoiled beaches and the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve which was also nick-named as the ‘real Garden of Eden’ (and also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) because of its large number of amazing animal and plant species.

The Vallée de Mai is also very popular for its legendary Coco de Mer palms. Come to think about it, what better can you gift your dear wife than with a priceless black pearl? Here you can opt for some stylish fragile jewelry made with a genuine pearl. This is the ideal place to go so as to impress and spoil your life partner. Don’t forget to also visit the Praslin National Park which is pretty charming if time is on your side. So for the most romantic, private, beautiful, peaceful and exquisite honeymoon experience, the Praslin Island of the Seychelles is the best place to go.

Madagascar Sand Beaches, Honeymoon Vacations

madagascar honeymoon beach holidays

Madagascar is perhaps one of the original and best honeymoon destinations in the world. Nearly eighty percent (80%) of the wildlife found there is endemic a thing that illustrates how unique this destination is. in addition it prides of a blend of several cultures with influence from Arab, Europe, Asia and Africa its self. When we talk about the popular 1994 Disney’s movie ‘Lion King’ well the Lemur which posed as character ‘Timon’ can best be seen in Madagascar across the African continent!

It is located off the southeastern African coast within the Indian Ocean. Although it is among the underrated honeymoon African destinations, it offers enormous value for money when compared to the mainland destinations. There is so much to see here ranging from the odd endemic wildlife and the beautiful beaches with powder white sand, to the private holidaymakers’ properties including Relais & Chateaux property located on a private nature reserve.

Well having heard so much about this island destination what crosses many honeymooners’ minds is what to do in Madagascar? The good news is there is so much to do! To begin with is the amazing wildlife, so a good way to begin your honeymoon holiday here is by taking a safari. Although somewhat different from the traditional big Five animals, the wildlife diversity here is also very impressive. Ranging from the remarkable lemurs, to the colorful birds, and then the chameleons plus several other crawling weird creatures!

In case you visit between July and September, you are likely to watch whales off the eastern coast. The birdlife here is also very amazing considering the fact that more than 100 endemic bird species have been recorded in this island country.

Having explored the wildlife of this country, you then proceed to the northern part of the country for some rest and intimacy as you enjoy the beautiful coastline of Madagascar. There you will find a number of nice beach resorts that will offer you the utmost intimacy, privacy and the perfect get-away you desire on your honeymoon. Madagascar may not be known to have some of the super luxury hotels; however, its beaches found in the north are magnificent and offer the best get-away experience for a honeymoon. The beauty of this destination is in the authenticity of its blend of cultures, unspoiled landscapes, weird wildlife and total distinctiveness.

It has a varied high stand cuisine that is blended with influences from Asia, Malagasy and France. Among the specialties is the Zebu steak, fresh fish, prawns and crabs.

Madagascar is has a beautiful coastline and small neighboring islands. Its beaches are gorgeous, peaceful and untouched. The white sand on the beach is met with turquoise waters making it the perfect spot to relax after exploring the wildlife on the mainland. The Tsarabanjina is one of the recommended hotels offering accommodation in thatched bungalows with uninterrupted views of the ocean. They offer very good personalized service and a scrumptious cuisine to their guests.

For the more adventurous honeymooners, they can combine their honeymoon in Madagascar with a safari in South Africa to see the big Five animals in the savanna game parks.

Zanzibar Honeymoon Holidays

zanzibar honeymoon holidays

The Zanzibar is an archipelago of islands found on the eastern side of Tanzania’s coast in the Indian Ocean. It has very beautiful coral reefs and white sand beaches beautifully lined with palm trees, in addition to offering several water adventures like snorkeling. The resorts here are of international class and without a doubt will offer you a very romantic beach experience. So as you are planning to take a honeymoon in Zanzibar, there are so many things to put into consideration such as when to go, and where to stay. Well remember that a honeymoon is a once in a lifetime event and its very couple’s dream to see that it is very memorable.

Also known as the spice island due to the numerous spice plantations found here, the cuisine offered here for breakfast, lunch and dinner will definitely leave our mouth watering. The menu is very diverse and the chefs are always open to prepare you anything in accordance to your preference. On your honeymoon you will be at liberty to choose where to dine from, either at the main restaurant,, out on the beach as you watch the large ocean ahead of you or on the comfort of the balcony of your room. The candlelit dinners here are very magical as you will dine in a quite cozy and private place with excellent service. While some couples on honeymoon may prefer having a private dinner for two, other honeymooners may prefer enjoying some evening entertainment or an outdoor cinema to watch a movie under the starlit sky.

there are a number of tourist activities you can do here as a couple and these include, uninterrupted walks on the beaches, diving, snorkeling, visiting Stone Town where you will get an opportunity to meet the locals, explore the narrow stone streets, visit the ancient mosque and sultans’ palaces, the vibrant town and the colorful stone building; taking a private dhow ride to watch the beautiful sunset, sun downers and so much more.

When it comes to choosing where to stay on your honeymoon in Zanzibar, worry not as there are a number of different facilities to suit different budgets. Majority of the accommodations in Zanzibar offer amazing discounts for honeymooners plus special packages that make them very enjoyable. a number of the properties present special offers basing on the number of nights you will be staying, while others offer amazing complimentary gifts to make your stay memorable. Upon arrival at most of the hotels, you will be warmly received by a very hospitable team and be offered a bottle of sparkling wine and flowers, a romantic massage for the couple at the spa as well as lobster dinners set on the beach. Some of the accommodation facilities we recommend on your honeymoon include: Baraza Resort & Spa is an all inclusive five-star hotel offering very good service and ideal for honeymooners, the Kiilindi is a top-notch hotel offering accommodation in cozy rounded pavilion suits. White Sands Zanzibar also a lavish facility with a beautiful white sand beach facing the ocean will offer you the utmost privacy and intimacy on your honeymoon

South Africa Wineland Honeymoon Holidays

wineland tours south africa

South African is another amazing honeymoon destination for couples searching for privacy and the ultimate pampering, following several busy months of planning their wedding. The country offers quite a number of amazing exotic places where the newlyweds can spend their honeymoon; the choice comes down to the couple’s preference.

When you visit the wine-lands in West Cape, you will definitely discover that true luxury is completed with fine wine and excellent cuisine. There are a number of nice accommodation estates to stay where you will certainly enjoy your luxurious Honeymoon holiday. the couple may choice to have a quite relaxed afternoon picnicking under and oak tree, or have lunch on their private veranda with uninterrupted views of the vineyards or choice to be part of the wine tasting experience conducted at some of the renowned wine estates which manufacture some of the finest and award winning brands of sparkling wine, red and white wine.

The jungles of South Africa on the other hand offer a different bush experience with opportunities to enjoy some of luxury suites and lodges found in and around the game parks. You will be able to explore the vast lands in open safari vehicles led by very professional game rangers as you set out to see the different animals and birds living in these game parks. Back at your lodge, take pleasure in the services of a private butler who will cater to all your needs and enjoy during the private candle-lit bush dinners under the clear skies lit by several stars. You will eventually retire to the exquisite comfort of a king-sized bed with a fire place in the room to offer you warmth through the night.

A holiday in the main South African cities will offer you rather a very different experience as the luxury offer is of international class to cater for international dignitaries, VIPs and celebrities. The staff here will do anything in their powers to ensure that your holiday as honeymooners is very comfortable and with lasting memories. The welcoming champagne, the hot air balloon tour over the city and many more exciting activities can be organized for you. The rooms offer superior services especially for honeymooners. Some the recommended safari lodges to spend your honeymoon in while in South African include: the Shumbalala Game Lodge, the Impodimo Game Lodge as well as the Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge so don’t think twice when it comes to honeymooning in South Africa as comport, privacy and romance will be at your disposal.

Botswana Honeymoon Safaris

mokoro rides botswana

Botswana is one of the best honeymoon Safari destinations on the African continent. Being one of the most fashionable, expensive and lavish destinations, expect to find nothing less below your expectations. The posh accommodation facilities offer the utmost privacy, romantic sundowners as well as exceptional views of wild animals.

There is so much that honeymooners can enjoy while in Botswana among which are: private game drives, private dinners in isolated areas, romantic makoro-rides, walking safaris, scenic rides in the helicopter and romantic night game drives… Botswana will definitely provide you with all the adventure, privacy and romance you will ever imagine.

Imagine waking up to the sight of a huge elephant drinking water from the waterhole close to your tent, the deciding whether to shower from indoors or outside, or soak in a copper bathtub or simply dip in a private plunge pool. All this top notch luxury you can enjoy within the African bushed of Botswana

Enjoy private dinner out in the wild organized just for two, with a private waiter at your disposal. There will be a warm campfire plus lit lanterns hanging on the tree branches to offer you a very romantic private restaurant setting.

the ultimate honeymoon bush experience will be a night out as you sleep on an isolated raised deck with a very comfortable bed and bathing facilities arranged close by, as you are surrounded by nothing more than the unspoiled features of Mother Nature, this will definitely be a night to remember.

Now the big question that almost every honeymooner will ask is ‘Where to stay on a Botswana honeymoon Holiday?’ Well, Botswana offers a variety of different nice accommodation facilities that without a doubt will serve you beyond your expectations and suiting different budgets. Among the most popular accommodations for honeymooners is the Selinda Camp which has a very nice wine cellar, and its compound normally visited by some animals thus offering remarkable game views. Another favorite is the Sanctuary Baines’ Camp which offers start baths and very beautiful comfortable sky beds on the outside deck.

Having found where to stay on your honeymoon, the next yet highly important thing to make research on is ‘The best time to take your Botswana Honeymoon Safari’. Just as most tourist destinations across the African continent, the best time to take your honeymoon holiday here is during the winter dry season which begins towards the end of June to October. (Always remember that their summer is our winter since Botswana is in the southern hemisphere.) At this time game viewing around the Okavango Delta is very rewarding since it is flooded yet most of the countryside is drying out. The weather is not very hot which makes it very conducive for adventure.

Namibia Honeymoon Holidays

namibia safaris

Namibia is not only turning into one of Africa’s most loved and popular honeymoon destination but also a favourite place to have a wedding, thanks to its beautiful scenery, affordability and easy accessibility. Today the number of couples opting to tie the knot in the beautiful sandy backdrops of the Namib Desert is fast growing. Today, the world presents endless options of where to enjoy your honeymoon, however with its affordability, accessibility and beautiful landscapes; taking a honeymoon in Namibia where the great Atlantic Ocean, meets the Mountains and the desert dunes is definitely a great choice!

Simply imagine spending a night under the blue sky lit with sparkling stars, as the red dunes of the Namib Desert and the Naukluft Mountains separate you from the rest of the world; it is a very unique and beautiful experience. There are anumber of exceptionally nice tented camps and resorts that offer romantic honeymoon suits normally pitched in isolated and relaxing areas away from the rest of the resort or camp to offer you the utmost private experience on your honeymoon.

Namibia is a unique honeymoon destination as it offers a large number of activities with remarkable service on the sea, out in the desert, numerous historical attraction, culture and wildlife not to forget the countless landscapes that will reward you with a memorable honeymoon experience. It is a great destination that favors all types of personal preferences it be adventure, hiking, nature, fun or simply the silence for all types of budgets

We highly recommend that you take your honeymoon during the dry season which starts from May to the end of November. During that time, there is minimal rainfall, the skies are clear and the night sky is adorned with sparkling stars. Activities such as sand boarding, balloon safaris and game drives can be enjoyed.

Many may wonder, ‘how best can I get to Namibia?’ well the good news is irrespective of how you choose to get there, half the adventure is simply how you arrive in Namibia.  Some people may choose to take a road trip which can take a day or two, or even more depending on where you are coming from during which you will get a chance to encounter the different landscapes that make up this beautiful country, or simply fly into the country.

The beautiful sunsets, the endless horizons, the romantic views as well as the tranquility are all reasons for you to be her, so pack your bags now and visit Namibia for your honeymoon holiday.

Some of the best romantic hideouts to stay on your honeymoon in Namibia include: Damaraland Camp at sunset, BON Hotel Swakopmund, The Little Ongava, Serra Cafema, The Little Kulala, Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, Dead vlei, Luderitz Nest Hotel, Namibia Wildlife Resorts, Wolwedans Dunes Lodge, Villa Mushara as well as Onguma – The Fort

Tofo or Bazaruto Archipelago of Mozambique Honeymoon

Mozambique holidays

These two honeymoon destinations are approximately 240 kilometers apart and each of these offers its own unique experience. And honestly speaking many couples have found it extremely hard to choice which of these two destinations they should visit. The services offered by the very hospitable and welcoming staff is very remarkable while the varied range of dishes prepared in this amazing country will definitely satisfy very honeymooners’ taste.

Tofo is located on a peaceful bay that overlooks the Indian Ocean, and it is a sluggish town having several amazing feature to make your honeymoon perfect. several years ago, this was a fishing village but today those so the best swimming destination in the word, with whale sharks as well as mantra rays. it also has one of the finest beaches along Mozambique‘s coast, hosting the yearly Tofo Music Festival.

On the other hand, the Bazaruto is an archipelago comprised of four (4) islands, in the Indian Ocean of which one of them was previous known as the Paradise Island. The inhabited areas of this archipelago are perfect for exploring, getting away from the busy cities and relaxing. There is a nice Marine National Park found in Buzaruto which covers the largest part of this archipelago and protects the great marine life around there. Some of the best recommended hotels and resorts on your honeymoon holiday in Mozambique include: the white Pearls resorts, Anantare Bazaruto Island Resort, Coral Lodge, Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort, Polana Serena Hotel and Southern Sun Maputo. If you are looking for a beach experience on white sand, with clear waters, some quite and above all the utmost privacy with good pampering on your honeymoon, then destination Mozambique is the right place to be.

Douz in Tunisia Honeymoon Holidays

tunisia holidays

Douz commonly known as the ‘Door to the Desert’ serves as the final step of civilisation before hoping into the large wilderness of the Sahara Desert. It is a small village in the southern part of Tunisia, and its location at the base of the desert dunes has earned it this great title of being the ‘Gate to the Sahara’. This amazing village poses as a ‘green island’ surrounded by sand dunes in an ocean of golden sand. The landscape here is extremely impressive!

The very welcoming and extremely peaceful people in this area still wear tunics as the semi-nomadic people in the Sahara Desert. When you get an opportunity to interact with locals, you will observe how they are so attached to the culture and practices of their fore-fathers who occupied this area so many years ago.

During your honeymoon in Douz you shouldn’t worry about what to see as there is a lot to enjoy. To begin with, the desert is only a few meters from the hotels in this area so you can enjoy guided desert tours wither on camel back or on foot during which you will enjoy views of the ‘orange’ African sun set beyond the rolling dunes that make the horizon. Then on the other side is the Chott El-Jerid an endorheic salt lake which extends pretty far.  Although today it has nearly dried up, its salt crystals shimmer forming odd mirages. Today you can cross over this former lake area on a paved road. There are a number of sandy villages including El Faouar, Sabria and Nouil found between the sahara desert and the dried salt-lake ‘desert’ these have beautiful tiny oases where the locals can access water. Moving on further south you will find the Ksar Ghilane which marks the borderline between the sand desert and the stone desert. it has a palm orchard , a hot spring and its pathways are lined with  bird swarmed trees which create nice shades.

In order to best experience the sentiments of this desert, we recommend that you go for a guided camel ride led by the highly knowledgeable local guides. During this you will spend you will spend the night camping and enjoy a romantic meal out in the vast desert with the beautiful starlit sky shining down on you. However, there are also motorized challenges / friendly competitions in the desert organized for the more daring adventurous couples during which you will set off in the Sahara on quad bikes or motorbikes. You can also do speed sailing as well as land sailing in the wide areas like the Chott El-Jerid, whereas dune skiing and hiking are some other exciting activities for adventurous honeymooners. During the winter, the Chott El –Jerid is crowded with thousands of pink flamingoes so don’t miss out on this as well especially if you are a lover of wildlife. Jebil National Park offers another amazing opportunity to see different wildlife especially the addax antelopes and gazelles. There are also a number of historical ruins that can be visited such as the Roman Fort.

Fortunately Douz offers honeymooners quite a number of different types of accommodation, so when it comes to where to stay, believe me you, you are well covered. These range from the basic facilities to the very comfortable facilities. Examples include: Bir Soltane, Ksar Ghilane and Zaafrane.

Kenya Honeymoon Holidays Masai Mara

kenya masai mara

Located within East Africa, Kenya is a beautiful country with vast plains and a great diversity of wildlife such as the big predator cats, wildebeests, zebras, gazelles and several antelopes rooming freely within its national parks. The country offers some of the best wildlife views in the world, together with very heavenly unspoiled beaches a thing that best explains why Kenya as a honeymoon destination doesn’t struggle to satisfy the preferences and desires of honeymooners. Furthermore, there are a number of nice dependable internal carriers like Kenya Airways and Safarilink that make it easier for honeymooners to connect from one destination to another.

Now for any couple interested in spending their honeymoon in the wild while enjoying views of different wild animals, this is the perfect place take your safari. The Masai Mara National Park which is among the popular parks in the country is best recommended for an adventurous get-away, as its popular for its resident ‘Africa Big Five’ animals as well as the great herd of animals that matches through its plains during the annual wildebeest migration that includes thousands and thousands of animals that move together as one giant wave.

Furthermore, you will stay in lavish tented bush camps, which will give you an authentic safari experience with a romantic ambience in the evenings. In the evenings you can sip your nice wine, beer or gins on the river banks, as well as enjoy an all-fresco shower as the African sun beautifully sets beyond the horizon.

When you get to think about what to do in Masai Mara on your honeymoon, well there is so much you can do. Honeymooners will be able to enjoy game drives in mornings, afternoons as well as at night, walking safaris as well as cultural tours to meet the local Maasai people. In addition you can join in the Hot- air balloon ride which offers you an opportunity to glide over the Mara plains and have an aerial view of the numerous animals grazing in the plains below you. At the end of the ride, you will have a champagne breakfast. Also night fly camping can be organized here which will not only bring you closer to nature but also reward you with lasting memories of your honeymoon. During this, you will sleep under the clear sky under a mosquito net on a very comfortable mattress besides a warm big fire.

The best time to visit the Masai Mara is from end of June to October when the great herd of the wildebeest migration is grazing within the Mara plains. But nonetheless, there are several other resident animals including large predators that make game viewing very amazing all year round.

the big question every couple will as is ‘where to stay on a honeymoon in Masai Mara?’ well there are a number of amazing camps within the park that will offer you comfort and spoil you will the unmatched hospitality of the staff. among our best recommended is the Naibor Camp that offers a true African authentic safari experience in an extremely romantic setting, in addition to Cottar’s 1920’s Camp offering elegance and has a rich history, the Saruni Mara offers expansive sweeping views offering a feel of being ‘on top of the world’, and the Ol Seki Hemingways that is very strategically located and offers value for money. The safari camps will do so much to ensure that they offer you something unique and memorable on your Honeymoon in Kenya including private bush dinners and special discounts.

Victoria Falls Honeymoon Holidays & South Luangwa Park in Zambia

victoria falls safari

Having a large variety of adventure activities, exciting walking safaris and scenic splendors, it is without a doubt that Zambia offers an action-filled yet truly romantic honeymoon destination. Imagine an opportunity to see wildlife while walking, and tracking the foot print of the different wild animals as you listen out for the trumpet calls of the huge savanna elephants, well, the walking safaris here will definitely take you closers to the gifts of Mother Nature. On your honeymoon, depending on your preference, you will get a chance to explore South Luangwa National park while on foot led by highly experienced and knowledgeable guides so as to see the wildlife splendor in this amazing country.

furthermore, there is a large number of vibrant and romantic activities you can enjoy on River Zambezi as well as the Victoria falls, ranging from the relaxes sunset boat cruises on River Zambezi to the adrenaline fuelled white water rafting through the powerful waves of the river. The Victoria Falls similarly offer very memorable experiences for birdwatchers and nice get-away ground with utmost privacy and romance.  Honeymooners who are adrenaline-junkies should not miss out on gorge swinging, bungee jumping and river boarding, whereas elephant rides is a must-do activity for all lovers. Helicopter flights over the powerful Victoria Falls, another epic and romantic activity can also be arranged.

when it come to the issue of ‘Where to Stay’ on your honeymoon, this shouldn’t worry you at all as Zambia prides in a number of nice accommodation facility having excellent service with a team of hospitable staff. among them are: Chinzombo found in South Luangwa that prides in sleek and fashionable design with excellent service; Tongabezi found on the banks of river Zambezi; Tongabezi, found on the banks of river Zambezi; Old Mondoro Bush Camp pitched in an acacia grove along the river Zambezi; Chongwe River Camp and Chiawa Camp

South Luangwa National Park is considered by many as one of the best wildlife sanctuaries on the planet, covering an area of 9,050 square kilometers. River Luangwa which is one of Africa’s most intact river systems flows through this park and it is its life blood attracting large numbers of wildlife especially in the dry season. the walking Safaris and game drives in this National park offer honeymooners an opportunity to explore the different wildlife habitats such as the verdant woodlands, the ox-bow lagoons and the vast plains which host large a number of wildlife such as  buffaloes, hippos, elephants, giraffes, leopards and lions in addition to several bird species.

On the other hand, the Victoria Fall which is the largest water fall in the world has a one mile wide curtain of water, and the water spray that rises from it can be seen several miles away. There are several activities that can be enjoyed around the falls and these include: bungee jumping from the water fall’s bridge, abseiling at the gorge, gorge swinging, boogie-boarding on the rapids as well as white water rafting. You can also visit the Livingston Island found on the river.

So if you wish to have an adrenaline-fueled, action packed yet extremely romantic honeymoon; look no further than a Honeymoon in Zambia.