What Places to Visit on a Holiday in Ivory Coast

National Parks

The country has various reserves and national parks that offer tourists an opportunity to see the rich abundance of wildlife and variety of flora species. Tai National Park is one of the most prominent of them with 3300 sq. Kilometers of rainforest. It has several animals among which are the dying out pygmy hippopotami, leopards plus chimps. Notable about this spark is that it is a UNESCO international heritage site. Other national parks include: Comoe National Park


YamoussoukroThis is the capital of Cote d’lvoire with characteristic paved streets lit with several lights. It is famous for the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace. You can visit the Abokouamekro Game reserve which is just one hour from this city.


The south eastern coastline of Cote d’lvoire has several stunning unspoilt beaches with beautiful sand dotted with palm trees and clear warm waters favorable for swimming and many other water sports. The beautiful weather offers conducive opportunities for sun bathing or relaxing under the tree shades sipping wine as you read you best book or watch the breath taking sun sets.

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace
this basilica is found in the administrative capital Yamoussoukro of Cote d’lvoire. In was in the 1980’s. Special about this basilica is that its dome plus the encircled plaza make it resemble the Vatican’s St. Peter Basilica. The Basilica seat about 18000 people and thousands of tourists have visited this country to see this spectacular structure.


Fishing in the country is majorly done along the coast and on the rivers. Some of the usually caught species include red carp, mullet, sole and barracuda. Travel companies can always organize fishing trip on sea but on demand on which you can sharks, bonito marlin and swordfish.


Previously, this used to be the capital of Ivory Coast before Yamoussoukro. However, today it not only serves as the economic capital and still holds some of the major offices of the government plus foreign embassies. It has the Museum of contemporary art plus the Park du Banco rainforest reserve.


Majority of the posh hotels in the country are found in the major cities. The hotels have highly skilled and professional staff to guarantee that your stay in the country is a memorable on. They offer various cuisines and many more additional services that vary from one hotel to another. Hotel Ivoir is one of the renowned hotels in the country.

Ivory Coast Tours With Culture

This city is found in the western part of the country amid the Dan people who are a very impressive tribal group popular in western Africa because of their fascinating cultures. They are famous for their stilt dances and customary masks. The surrounding terrain is mountainous and densely forested with attractive rock formations in LaDent.


The country has several nightclubs, bars, theatres, cafes and cinemas in most of its main cities. Abidjan is the most active of all with numerous casinos, bars and theatres. It  also has several hotels and tourist resorts that offer traditional entertainment.

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