Masai Mara Safari Lodges, Accommodation

Masai Mara Game Reserve is part of the largest wildlife eco-systems in east Africa stretching from Tanzania in

Serengeti National park

. It is ranked the most famous Kenya National park and reserve with several miles of savannah stretching into rolling hills, rocky outcrops, tree and the spectacular variety of wildlife that lives in the park.

The Mara is home to the

annual wildebeest migration

, a seventh natural wonder only experienced once you visit Masai Mara reserve around July and October every year. Animals such as wildebeests, zebras, grant’s gazelles and others join the trail from Serengeti in Tanzania and move into the north in search of fresh pastures having to cross Mara River’s gushing water.

Accommodation in Masai Mara

Kenya safaris in the Masaai Mara Game Reserve need not worry you on where to spend the night or have an evening meal. There is plenty of Mara accommodation ranging from luxury Mara hotels, luxury five star Mara safari lodges, tented camps, bush camps, homestay and public camp sites. Some of the Mara Safari lodges have been recognized for their Eco-friendly accommodation and you don’t want to miss such a treat while on Masai Mara Kenya safari

Masai Mara safari Lodges

Many of Mara safari lodges are tucked away within the wilderness offering visitors super game viewing, deluxe accommodation in thatched chalets and you’ll sleep to the sound of croaking frogs, laughing hyenas, roaring lions and wake you to the sound of chirping birds on your windows. Safari Lodges accommodation in mara ranges from USD 600- USD 250 per night. Some of the best five star reviewed Mara safari lodges include Mara Serena Safari lodge for $300 per night, Mara Simba Lodge, Sarova tented safari lodge, Royal Mara Safari Lodge ($400-599), Mara Sopa lodge ($390- 220), Mara Intrepids Lodge and many others.  Many of the mentioned safari lodges have swimming pools, game drive routines, terrace bars, restaurants, African themed rooms, laundry facilities, satellite television, well furnished rooms and many other services to enjoy.

Masai Mara Tented camps

Masai Mara has a wide range of tented safari camps built on decked platforms with canvas shelter among acacia umbrella like trees, some overlooking the Mara river and within a secluded Wild setting. Be it Honeymoon or a simple Kenya safari gateway, Mara has the best accommodation with tented camps. Among them include Kichwa Tembo Bateleur camp, Mara Explorer camp, Little governor’s camp, rokero camp. Sanctuary Olonana Tented camp, Saruni Tented camp and many others. Ranges for safari tented camps in Masai mara are around $600-$200, depending on the location within the park and the type of accommodation you want.

There are also budget/cheap Masai Mara safari camps with accommodation ranging from $190-$10 per night for single room accommodation. Some of the options here include Aruba Mara camp, Mara Hippo Safari Lodge, Nyumbu camp, Riverside camp, Maji Moto eco-camp and Acacia camp among others.

Homestays in Mara

are a growing Mara Kenya safari accommodation option since some of the parts of Masai Mara game reserve lie in private estates and farms. Homestay give you the perfect opportunity to experience the Masaai People, live in the boma homestead, and get to know their way of life-food, cultures, clothing and dance/music. The Masaai are really friendly people and will make your Kenya safari memorable and make you want to stay longer or come again.

Booking and reservations

for accommodation in Masai Mara Game reserve is through Kenya Travel and tour operators, online through the travel agents and on websites for Mara Safari lodges. Getting the ultimate choice of Mara safari lodges of camp is not an easy pick; you’ll need to make reviews, read different articles of previous tourists in Mara and recommendations of recognized travel agents and websites.



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