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Amboseli National Park Kenya

is the spectacular backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain at 5,894m illuminating the Africa Safari skies as the highest freestanding mountain in Africa. The 390 sq km park is probably the most crowded in Kenya after Masai Mara Game reserve and at times it has been turned into a dust bowl. The lack of vegetation and the flat land make Kilimanjaro seem so close but it in fact 48 kms from the Park and located in Tanzania.

Amboseli National Park
Amboseli Large Tusked Elephants

Lying on the border with Tanzania,

Amboseli game reserve

is a stretch of diverse eco-system that include spiky acacia woodlands, dry open savannah, a few swamps, alkaline water lake and clear water springs.

Amboseli wildlife attractions

Amboseli safari

trips are know for large herds of African elephants, a prime tourist attraction in addition to big numbers of buffalo, lion, giraffe, hyena, impala, warthog, gazelles, hippos, cheetah and a variety of smaller carnivores and antelope species. Lions are a regular sight in the park as they patrol and stalk potential prey for the day.

Large tusked elephants are many within the park, seen at the water springs drinking water, drawing down dry trees making great photo moments in the park. Many other animals cross the Tanzania border to Amboseli National reserve on the onset of short rains that bring fresh pasture to the volcanic soils.

Birdlife and bird watching is excellent in Amboseli Kenya all through the year. Expect to see flamingo flocks on the salty lake, pelicans, bee eaters, kingfishers, malachite eagles, storks, vultures and many other birds.

The best time to visit

The dry season in Amboseli safaris begins from January to October, with warm dry days from July to October, the best time to visit and with many game sights near the water holes and the springs. This is a great park for photography as big herds of wildlife at close quarters are often to be found passing by snow covered Kilimanjaro.

The rains are around April and last until June, shorter rains in November and December. Remember to get your malaria treatment and drugs before you arrive for

Amboseli Kenya safari

although Kenya safaris in

Amboseli National park

are good all through the year.

This region is home to the nomadic Masai people and you will see their circular manyattas (villages), surrounded by thorny scrub fences, scattered across the plains. Human settlements and nomadic pastoral activity has threatened Amboseli Wildlife habitats that previously included the private Masaai farms that are near the park.

Amboseli Safari lodg
Amboseli Luxury Sopa Lodge

Amboseli Safaris Lodges and accommodation

In the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro, clear springs and umbrella trees are several Amboseli safari and game lodge for overnight.

Amboseli Serena lodge

is one of then with luxury safari guest facilities, spectacular views of the snow capped Kilimanjaro and excellent lodge rooms. Amboseli Sopa lodge is another luxury facility that marches the spectacular views of Kilimanjaro, lush tropical backyards and gardens, tranquil ponds by the lodge. Other budget Amboseli camps include Porini Camp, Tortillis camp and Ol Tukai Lodge tucked away in umbrella acacia with panoramic views.

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