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Hells Gate National park is found within the gift valley rich region of Kenya near

Lake Naivasha

, but on the slopes of

Mt. Longonot

and Suswa extinct volcanic mountains. The abundant Kenya wildlife park attributes it wealth to the spills of volcanic ashes from these mountains creating mineral rich grasses that the animals feed on.

The Kenya wildlife park occupies around 68sq km of peaceful serene Kenya country side with touring rift valley cliffs. The park was named Hells Gate by the early explorers; Fischer and Thomson in 1883 following the fierce fight the Masai warriors put on against them here.

Nothing in this park compares to its fierce name.  The park is gifted with several mammals and birds.


Regular game sights within Hell’s Gate National park include leopards, lions, cheeatchs, zebras, buffalo, eland, hartebeest, hyrax, Thomson gazelle, serval, klipspringer and the reedbuck among other animals. More than 200 different birds live in the park including vultures, eagles, buzzard and swift among others. You can enjoy much of the park’s scenery on foot, cycling/biking trips or even horse riding.

There are other interesting sights within the park such as the Fischer tower, rock caves, Ol-Karia Geothermal power projects, basalt cliffs and gorges. bIf time allows, visit he Ol Karia masaai community and cultural centre located within the heart of the park and experience the distinctive masaai lifestyle and traditions first hand.


The park is not far from Nairobi city (90km). There are two roads that lead through the scenic rift valley region as you go towards Nakuru. One route passes through Maai Mahiu town before reaching the Elsa gate on the park

Basic camp sites are three within the park while several lodges and tented camps are located around Naivasha and Nakuru town for overnight accommodation.


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