Kiunga Marine National Park,

Kiunga Marine Park and reserve forms a chain of more than 30 islands engraved with beautiful coral reefs from the Lamu Archipelago stretching 60km north along



Boni Marine reserves

from main land Kenya. All 50 islands of this Kenya Wildlife and marine reserve are covered with low tangled thorny shrubs, grass, aloes, creepers and mangrove forests.

Major attractions

The Marine Park and reserve is normally good for windsurfing, snorkeling, water skiing, sunbathing and diving. However, some of its spectacular sights include sea turtles, reef fish, olive ridley, lobsters, sea urchins, crabs and leather back turtles

Visit the park is quite easy; there is a boat from Lamu town and one airstrip at Dodori National Reserve, from where you can catch a boat to reach all the islands of Kiunga Marine Reserve.



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