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Masai Mara Balloon Safari

Kenya safari holidays are an adventurous way to spend your hard earned cash, away from the bustle and noisy of business towns and cities. There are many ways to experience Kenya safari excursion in the different game parks such as game drives, walking safaris and so much more

One luxury way to enjoy

Kenya wildlife safari

is on hot air balloon safaris. Masai Mara is the sole game reserve in Kenya that offers this luxury day trip. You can imagine gliding slowly over the savannah plains, seeing different animals grazing below and enjoy the warm African sun. Masai Mara Balloon safaris normally cost between USD 385 and 425-quite expensive but worth the treat!

Masai Mara Hot Air Balloon Safari

Often lodging is available in a safari lodge or camp near the launching centre. You are picked up before 6am by your guide and walk or drive to the launching site. On the drive are sights of the nocturnal predators retiring from their night hunting routines. Regular sights include lions, elusive leopards, cheetah and spotted hyenas.

Just before the sun rises you’ll already be floating over the Mara wildlife in a hot air balloon with max load of 12 people. You can take pictures of the ride as the pilot can even move the balloon to tree top level by adjusting the hot air heat in the Balloon giving you clearer shots. The flights is actually a one hour…all good things come to an end. You are instructed by your pilot to keep away your cameras and head for the landing

Celebrate the beautiful moment with a champagne toast or with chilled sparkling wine. Every individual is then awarded with balloon certificate as memoirs to the Hot Air Balloon safari in Mara. Other Hot Air Balloon Africa safaris are taken in

Serengeti National Park

Tanzania and

Kruger National Park

in South Africa.