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This is one of the rarely visited tourist attractions in Kenya yet beaming with endless safari and marine attractions. The Mombasa Marine Park is located on the Indian Ocean coast near the famous beach of Mombasa. It occupies and estimated 10 sq km making it one of the smallest national park and reserves in Kenya. It was designated s a national park in 1986 comprising of a reserve that covers 200sq km

The national park is made up of coastal aqua blue waters, fringing coral rocks at Bamburi-Nyali with beautiful reefs stretching 0.5-2km from the shore, river delta, mangrove swamps and forests and also the white sand beaches. The coral reefs have several species of plants such as porites, turbinaria  and Acropora


The coral gardens and reefs are home to several species of marine life like zebra stripped fish, multi colored angel fish, butterfly fish, sea urchins, sea stars, jelly fish, sea cucumbers, crabs and several fish species. Dolphins and sea turtles often visit the marine park too.

Diving and snorkelling are popular tourist attraction for Mombasa Marine Park. Nervous divers or naturalist can take a tour of the marine reserve on a glass bottom boat. Other exciting tourist activities are on the beach of Mombasa and they include wind surfing, sun bathing, kite surfing, swimming and many others.

Some of the excellent beaches near the Mombasa Marine park include Nyali beach, Bamburi, Shanzu which popular for the sea turtles and Kenyatta public beach.

Tours of the old Mombasa fortress Fort Jesus are unique for tourists visiting this Marine reserve. The port was formerly used by the early Portuguese explorers in the 17th century during the wars with the Arab merchants.


The weather on the Kenyan coast is splendid with humid conditions and an average temperature of 25ºC. The marine reserve can be visited throughout the year Access; the park is 485km from Nairobi the capital of Kenya on the Mombasa-Nairobi highway. There are flights to Mombasa international Airport and then pick a bus of private car hire to the marine park.


There are no accommodation facilities within the marine park but several hotels in Mombasa have accommodation for the tourist in this park. Serena Mombasa Hotel & Spa has one of the most luxurious hotel suites, facilities and service. Other Hotels in Mombasa include Sarova Mombasa Beach Hotel and several four star hotels and beach apartments overlooking the beach.

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