Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

This Kenya national park is located in the central Kenya on the foot hills of the Ol Donyo Sabuk Mountain. The park was established in 1967 covering nearly 21 sq km. The park’s eco-system is majorly comprised if dense montane forests, Athi river, swamps, waterfalls and savannah grasslands

Ol Donyo Sabuk is a mountain whose peak is 2145m above seal level. The mountain has different names according to the tribes staying at the foot hill. The Masai meaning of Ol Donyo Sabuk is big Mountain while the kikuyu call it Kilima Mbogo which translates as the mountain/ hill of Buffalos.


There are estimated 250 buffalo herds in the park and thus constitute the major tourist site for the game park. other species of mammals include leopard, bush buck, colobus monkey, olive baboon, vervet monkey, bush baby, duiker, bush pig, mongoose, porcupine, aardvark, syke monkeys, squirrel and kirk’s dik-dik among others. there are pythons, monitor lizards and other reptile in the park as well

More than 50 different species of birds are found in the park and these include purple breasted sunbird, African hawk eagle, speckled mouse bid, yellow vented bulbul, sparrow weave, guinea fowl, Bateleur, ring necked dove and superb starling among others.

Tourist Attractions and Sights

The park is one of Kenya’s historical monuments with several sites attached to European explorers and settlers. Lord William Macmillan is one of the very first European settlers in the area of the Ol Donyo Sabuk mountain. He was buried at the foot of the mountain together with his wife Lucie and their pet dog.  Roosevelt theodroer a former American president also visited the area in 1901 and stayed at Juja farm –now a ranch near the foot slopes of the mountain. other popular Kenyans attached to this area include Tom Mboya and Wanjiku Maendeleo among others

The fourteen falls are a spectacular sight in the Chania River used as picnic site and recreation area for many tourist in the park.  Safari walks and hikes on the mountain boast superior views on the Nairobi city and surrounding town of Thika, Mt Kenya, Kilimanjaro as well as the Ngong Hills.

The mountain and the national park are great for hiking, mountain biking, safari walks and family adventures among several other exciting Kenya safari tours.

Getting there

The park is located 65km north of Nairobi city. The road winds through Thika a small town near the park. From Thika, there are 22 km to the junction on Garissa road, follow the signpost on a 3km dusty road to the town of Donyo. Take the right turn from Donyo town and drive 2km to the main park gate.


There are camping facilities at the park run by the Kenya wildlife service with self catering accommodation. Other camping facilities are available at Turaco camp site. Sabuk guesthouse offers accommodation for 10 people. Other options for accommodation are available in Nairobi Hotels and from Thika



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