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South Turkana National Reserve

This Kenya wildlife reserve is located on the northern tourist circuit that lead s to many other National parks and reserves in northern Kenya. South Turkana national reserve covers 1,091sq kilometers in the foot hills of mount Nasalot near Lake Turkana. There are very few tourists that visit this reserve since is it a dry region all through the year. The reserve is made up of a rugged landscape covered in seasonal river beds, patches of dry savannah grasses and thorny bushes.

Game viewing

The reserve however boasts of several species of wild game such as elephants, buffalo, oryx, bushbuck, greater kudu, gran’t gazelle, leopard, cheetah, jackal, lion, giraffe, spotted hyena, jackal and birds as well. The river bed on Keiro river are often sighted with gapping crocodiles with jaws wide open.

Getting there

The reserve is located off Kitale Lodwar highway in the rugged foot hills of Nasalot mountain in Kenya. The distance from Kitale to the reserve gate is estimated around 98km. The drive form Nairobi is on the A1 road which goes via wabuye on A104 to Lodwar and Lokchogio. The A1 road crosses the western parts of the reserve.

There are two alternative routes to South Turkana reserve; one via Lake Baringo and another goes through Kerio valley  and connects to Lokichar road. 4WD are recommended for up country travel in Kenya. There are public transport means to Kapenguria, Lodwar and west Turkana region.


There is no accommodation within the park. Options for accommodation are available from Kitale and Lodwar towns. There are several options for accommodation and Hotels in Kenya and even int he