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The most stunning route on Mountain Kilimanjaro

The Lemosho Route is extensively considered as the best Kilimanjaro-route. In the previous years, there were just two major routes used to hike Mount Kilimanjaro and these where the Coca Cola route plus the Whiskey route. However as the tourism industry in Tanzania prospered, the park authority of Mount Kilimanjaro established more routes to highest peak in Africa. Lemosho, which is a somewhat new route, is well-liked by highly regarded operators because of its beauty, solitude as well as success rate. In general, the route maximizes all the chances so that a climber will successfully summit the mount while enjoying the hike at the same time.

You can trail the Lemosho route in six days and five nights up in the mountain slopes.  Nonetheless it is recommended that you settle for an eight days and seven nights’ itinerary for better acclimatization with the mountain altitude. The climb starts at Londorossi Gate, situated in the western foothill of the mountain, within the verdant, fertile rainforest.

Lemosho-route trails across the vast Shira Plateau, prior to going around the southern circuit mid-way about the mountain, unveiling to the climber to splendid views of the surrounding terrain in different angles. The summit is approached from the eastern direction, with a descent after the Mweka path. Spending eight days and seven nights up on this legendary mountain, gives you better opportunities of reaching the summit of Africa’s highest natural feature- Mount Kilimanjaro!


Lemosho Route

starts from north of Shira, which is on the western part mountain Kilimanjaro. The route is quite narrow and a wilderness path right from the starting point, journeying you through the immaculate and remote isolated areas as you enjoy great sights of wildlife.

The Lemosho-Route is roughly 70 kilometers or 42 miles starting from the park gate. It is planned specifically for individuals that are physically fit with prior hiking experience.

There are a number of standing reasons why up to date the numbers of people trailing the Lemosho-Route remains much lower as compared to those that use the Marangu-Route or the Machame-Route. In general this route is not very affordable!

a)       Beginning your hike on the western part means that you have to pay an extra cost for the additional transport.

b)       Taking a longer track means paying yet for an additional one or more days up on the mountain slopes.

c)       In addition,  climbing a less used route calls for higher prices because of the lower competition particularly from budget tour operators.

In case you want your tour operator to design for you an itinerary that does not take you through the very busy Machame Route, then the Lemosho-Route would be a very good option as it also offers breathtaking sights of the surrounding terrain.

The most beautiful Route on Mountain Kilimanjaro

For the past years, there were only 2 major routes that could necessitate climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and these were the Coca cola route and the whiskey route. The Lemotho route is the only route that is widely taken as the best Kilimanjaro-route. The park Authority of Kilimanjaro established more routes to the highest top in Africa as Tanzania’s tourism industry kept on booming. The Lemotho being a new route also has a number of advantages that it is very popular and considered highly liked because of its beauty, loneliness as well as its rate of success. All in all, it takes up all advantages of the fact that a climber will definitely journey the mountain enjoying their travel concurrently.

To hike using the Lemotho route can take you 6 days and 5 nights to get to the mountain ramps.However, it is advised that you go in for an 8 days and 7 nights schedule for conforming better to the altitude of the mountain. At the western foothill of the mountain, is the Londorossi gate where the hike begins within the green fertile rainforest. Lemotho route goes on until the large Shira Plateau before moving around the southern circuit halfway about the mountain unleashing to the trekker, the spectacular sights of the surrounding plains from various angles. From the eastern direction you can get to the peak, with a decline after the Mweka path. You will get the best opportunity of getting to the peak of Africa’s highest natural feature, mountain Kilimanjaro by spending 8 days and 7 nights up on the renowned mountain.

On the western part of mountain Kilimanjaro is the north of Shira which is the starting point of the Lomotho Route. The route is quite small and the uninhabited path way from the starting point of the path. Submitting you through the virgin and hideaway lonely areas as you enjoy sights of the bush land and wildlife. Starting from the main gate, Lemotho is about 70 kilometers ( 42 miles). And is particularly prepared for people that are well experienced with climbing before the hiking experience.

For a number of reasons and time now, strong enough that the Lemotho route remains much less used by people submitting the Kilimanjaro Mountain in comparison to using the Marangu route or the Machame route .In brief, this route is not easily affordable.

  • ·         It only means that you have to pay an extra cost if you decide to start your travel on the western part
  • ·         To get up to the mountain therefore means making payment for an extra day as well as you go up on the slopes of the mountain.
  • ·         From lower budget tour operators, it only communicates that summiting a route that is not commonly used by many gets you into incurring higher prices.

If you want to avoid the bushy Machame route, then the Lemotho route will be your perfect alternative since it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the splendid views of the surrounding scenery.

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