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Machame Route

The Machame-Route to the mountain summit of the Kilimanjaro is a very exceptional route. It offers you an opportunity to actually get to be acquainted with this special mountain. However the huts along this route are quite in a worrying state   today being used by the mountain-porters. The route uses tents so all the camping equipment plus supplies are portered; with an allowance of a baggage limit of twelve kilograms. The night prior to your climb is actually the most enjoyable as it is spent in the wonderful Machame village and it is from there that you will begin your climb. This will enable your body to start adjusting to the change in altitude granting you better chances of conquering the summit.

Several tourists from overseas will opt to utilize the hotels found in Moshi Town. These are actually at a lesser altitude and about one hour drive from the park gate of Kilimanjaro. The common reason for this occurrence is that most hotels also serve as mountaineering companies. These hotels offer the overnight before the climb as well as the overnight after the climb as a complimentary in an effort to secure the Kilimanjaro climb business; thus decreasing costs to the different travel agents, however this discount is not forwarded to the climbers. Normally, it is actually preferable spending the night in any of the not very large but well-serviced hotels within Machame village. Nonetheless you should note that it be that you are taking either the  add that Moshi town, for me, is hot dusty and most uninteresting, with Machame-route or the Marangu-route, I would recommend you spend the night before you start your hike in either Marunga village or Machame village as they offer more vivid nights.

The hike can be done in at least six days with five nights up in the mountain while on this route. Nonetheless, it is better recommended to attempt the route in rather seven days with six nights so as to better acclimatize with the changing altitude. This would much enhance your opportunities of conquering the mountain summit. This climb starts at Machame Gate, situated in the southern foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. The hikers head to the direction of the Shira Plateau, prior to going round the southern circuit mid-way around the Kilimanjaro; this allows them to enjoy the splendid scenery around them.  The advance to the mountain summit is then made from the eastern direction.

As compared to the Marangu route, the Machame-Route is less travelled but offers breathtaking views of the surrounding terrain. The route will take along the western part of the mountain, journeying you through the tropical-rainforest up to the summit snows that peak Mount Kilimanjaro. It will reward you with views of the glaciated southern fields plus the face of the western plains of the mountain descending down to the south.

An ordinary itinerary along the Macheme-Route would involve spending the first night within Machame village situated on the mountain-sides adjacent to the park gate. The bottom of Mount Kilimanjaro is cultivated; by some subsistence farmers that grow not only coffee but also bananas. Several pleasurable walks can be taken just about the village as well as spend some time interacting with the local resident Chagga people.

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Machame Route

Getting to the Mountain Kilimanjaro using the Machame route is such a unique experience. It will definitely give you the chance to get familiar with this unusual mountain.

However, today the huts along this route are being used by the porters which have kept them in a sorry state. All that is needed for camping is pottered since those who use this route use tents. The bag weight is usually limited to only 12 kilograms.

Your trek begins at the Machame village where you spend the night before you actually set off. It is well known that it will be the night you will enjoy most while at the admirable Machame village. This will give your body the chance to conform well and adapt to the changing altitude and hence better opportunities to rout your trek.

In about 1 hour from the park gate of Kilimanjaro, you can be able to drive to hotels in Moshi town that most guests choose to use since they are located at lesser altitudes. Because of this many tourists from away choose to use this route. The main reason behind this is also that many of these hotels decide to portray themselves as hiking companies.

In trying to save and keep the business going, these hotels provide accommodation on the night before you start climbing as well as the night after climbing, this time as a complementary, hence reducing the costs to the various travel agents. Although this discount is not enjoyed by the trekkers. It is therefore recommended that you spend a night at any of the well serviced hotels even when they are not so large, within the Machame village.

However, considering to take any of the routes, whether at Moshi town or not, it is quite hot, dusty and not exactly compelling. For Machame or Marangu route, it is advised that you spend a night in either Machame or Marunga villages before you begin your travel as you will be offered with meaningful and lively nights.

You can also take your hike via this route for at least 6 days and 5 nights till up the mountain.However,it is also good that you try this route in actually 7 days with 6 nights so as to better conform with the altitude that keeps changing. With this your chances of boosting you to rout the mountain peak would increase.

You will start climbing at the Machame gate which is located in the southern low plains of Mountain Kilimanjaro. Taking the Shira plateau direction, before going around the southern circuit, halfway around Kilimanjaro gives the climbers the opportunity to enjoy the stunning landscape around them. Getting towards the mountain peak then starts from the eastern direction.

In comparison with the Marangu route, the Machame route is not often used yet it offers beautiful sights of the surrounding topography.Along the western part of the mountain, this route will take you through the tropical rainforest, then up to the top snows at the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. It will still offer you views of the glaciated southern plains and the face of the western plains of the mountain declining down to the south.

A normal schedule along the Machame route would include staying over for the night prior to your journey within Machame village, which is found on the sides of the mountain that are adjacent to the gate park. Some subsistence farmers cultivate at the bottom of Mountain Kilimanjaro. These grow coffee and bananas.

You can take a number of interesting walks just about within the village as you take off some time to chart with the local Chagga people.

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